I like pina coladas and rain



Today I was reading various posts across the blog world. Posts that I should but don’t feel like mentioning because it takes far too much time to hyperlink and I probably should be in my bath that is bigger than my closet then heading to bed. But what I should be doing is never what I am doing. Hence the liking of pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Or maybe you don’t get that because my mind works constantly on sarcasm and Brittany Thought then it does reality. But my reality is much more exciting than yours. Or those who are rambling away across the blogosphere and pointing out the natural flaws of humanity.

Which hypocritically I am here to do too. Or not. Regardless I’m a hypocrite and ignorant. As are you. As are most people. Unless you are God. And if you are God and reading my blog – I have hit ultimate rock star status and this will now be the last blog post I ever write. End game.

Anywho as I was reading away it occurred to me. Well it has occurred to me before. Blogging is the absolute opposite of common sense. Common sense and well being raised up right tells us right from wrong. Tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It seems so simple but upon the world of the internet it is some complicated; lost upon these gurus, experts, rock stars and epic know it alls.


Reality is, I’m in a bitch mood and all my vices are being invaded by annoying creatures spouting off their god like opinion on how great and smart they really are or kissing ass to the titans. Lame.

Fact. True fact. We are just mere mortals behind a screen with fingers tapping away at a keyboard with access to the internet and a “blog”. So get over it. Much like I will when I slip into my bath dreaming of unnamed in their unmentionables. And tomorrow morning I will wake up and all will be right and aligned with the planets.

Just remember that at any time when the proverbial pot is stirred it’s possible to cut the proverbial cord (i.e. Ethernet cord) and like me you might have a overflowing with confidence 7 year old boy (who is a testament to my parenting abilities), a 5 year old princess who thinks that a flutter of eyelashes wins her the world and  oil on her hands makes her tough like Dad and don’t forget my 10 year old genius that I’m far too scared to test for exceeding intellect because I don’t think I can afford it. And last but not least my husband who when Venus isn’t aligned with the stars properly, understands that I have bullish horns grow and I become quite a bitch – and yet he still believes in our epic love story.

You see. I’m far more richer in what I have offline that what the incessant, made for porn,  black hole internet can gain me. I hope most of you will some day grasp that too. Because quite frankly “the man” could just hit that “switch” to the internet and I would hate to see you good people need that much prozac.

So I leave you with Brittany’s inspirational quote of the day ~

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.”