I Haven’t Posted

This past week has been a crazy one. CRAZY I tell you. Filled full of Dr’s appointments. Not fun at all. I’ll catch up on the Dr. stuff later. That’s a whole blog full. But I did say I would give the conversation between me and Brodie.

So of course I am cutting up fruit. (notice the fruit theme) But if I did anything right with my children, I got them to like fruit and veggies. Anyway– Brodie has issues with sleep. She can go to bed at bedtime and will wake up at 3-4 a.m. I have to keep her up kinda late now, so she can get a full nights sleep. Otherwise during the school year it is disastrous.

OK, cutting up fruit and I’m putting it into Tupperware.

Brodie: Mom what are you doing?

Me: Cutting up fruit and putting it into different bowls so it won’t go bad as fast.

Brodie: Oh well in that case Mom you need Green Bags.


Me:Um OK

I then start putting the Tupperware into the refrigerator, and trying to make room.

Me: I need a bigger refrigerator so I have room to put all this stuff.

Brodie: You need Space Saver Bags Mom.

Me: OK Brodie where did you get these ideas? Grandma?

My mother in laws house is stocked full of infomercial crap. Literally. Everyday she calls me to tell me to come check out something new she got from TV. It’s insane.

Brodie: No Mom. TV.

This is exactly why my child needs to sleep at night. She can do infomercials with her knowledge. SCARY!