Hunger Games Hair

Are you looking for information all about Hunger Games hair? Well I’m not going to give you an tutorials, because let’s be honest – that would take forever. Instead I get to share a little story with you. I haven’t updated much about my experiences in beauty school as it’s been quite a trek – but I am done. I graduated. Luckily for me, one of my last assemblies was with Cherry Petenbrink, the colorist from Hunger Games.

Penrose Academy Facebook / Hunger Games / Cherry Petenbrink

Image: Penrose Academy Facebook / Hunger Games / Cherry Petenbrink

Cherry did more than talk to us about Hunger Games, she talked to us future professionals about hair. The different techniques she used when coloring and creating hair for the Hunger Games. She talked to us about starting points, persevering and much more.  And while most outsiders would be doubly jealous of hour two hours spent with her and be connected to the Hunger Games – we were overwhelmed with the opportunity to learn from such an amazing professional and gain further knowledge in our career choice.

What you get from the entertainment aspect of the book and movies we get from learning about the process of creating such detailed behind the scenes work to make it all come together perfectly.

A couple students from our school were able to assist and learn from her outside of our school as she went to a local salon – watch more here: