How to Play iTunes Music Shuffle Game

About a week ago I sent out the following tweet about a game my sister in law/best friend and I like to play with our iPod’s.

ipod game tweet

So today I thought I would teach y’all how to play the best music game ever with your iPod (or any other music player – just easier to explain with iPod). You can play it anytime, anywhere and I think would make a great game to play while on a road trip. So here we go. First thing go to your player and go to Artists.

ipod artists

Tell the other person playing to chose an artist A through Z (and if you want to throw in numbers go for it!). Okay so we are going with my invisible friend choosing R. (That is what the picture is showing) Count the number of artists in that letter and then tell the other player to chose a number 1 through how many artists. My invisible friend chose 5. Which is Ray LaMontagne. Go to that artist.

ray lamontagne ipod

Now count how many songs. Have the other player chose a number 1 through how many songs. Whatever number they chose is the song to play!

My friend and I find this absolutely entertaining. But I am easily entertained. So if you ever see me tweet again about this game – well now you know how to play!