How To Mess Up Your Child’s Life Book Review

I’ve got so many of these book reviews and giveaways to bring you – I’m trying to squeeze them in every Monday. Thanks to Hachette Book Group for providing me with the actual book to review and generously offering up 5 books to my readers for giveaway!

How To Mess Up Your Child's Life Book Cover How To Mess Up Your Child’s Life is written by Olivia and Kurt Burner. The description of the book from Hachette Book Group:

There are several people in life you don’t want to hear say, “Oops!” Your barber, your mechanic, and your surgeon are three that come to mind. So do your parents and spouse. And yet, few of us put much thought into how we can create happier homes. Now, Christian parenting experts Kurt and Olivia Bruner have created a tongue-in-cheek but invaluable guide that helps parents move past “oops” to intentional, fun, and faith-filled parenting. In a way that keeps parents engaged amid the nonstop grind of jobs and household chores, the Bruners walk parents through the steps in creating a plan for infusing faith dynamics into the home.

The minute my children saw this book they said “Mom that is so messed up!” Along with other children who cam into my home. Just the name of the book incites a fun reaction – I couldn’t have been more excited to open this book and start reading!

There are 8 chapters in this book, 7 of them touching on the 7 Deadly Sins from “Nurturing an Enormous Ego” (pride) to “Condoning Sensual Gratification” (lust). With chapter 8 being about instilling faith -“Whatever you do – don’t!”.

How To Mess Up Your Child’s Life is not your every day how to raise kids dialogue styled book. It’s bringing common sense to the forefront. It’s helping our own selves remember and understand as parents our actions, reactions, ideals and vocalization of each – affect us as parents and our children.

In the chapter touching on envy, there is a section that points out how a popular phrase was coined – giving credit to William Shakespeare – it ends with this; “Shakespeare reminds us of why envy is considered such and ugly vice. What it can’t possess, it seeks to destroy.” (excerpt from book)

A tremendous book, that while I said – brings common sense to the forefront – still has philosophical touch with historical stories intertwined. A MUST read for any parent!

Now let’s get to how 5 of you can win a copy of your own!

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Leave a comment about what 7 deadly sin you think you are affecting your child with!

(Mine is pride!)

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  1. Linda White says:

    Mine is instilling faith( I try to!)

  2. I guess it would be envy. My son has most likely seen me be envious of someone or something in his mere 2 years. Thanks for the chance…looks like a fun read.

  3. Follower via gfc!

  4. Feed subscriber

  5. Facebook fan! Bekki Orr

  6. dorothy l says:

    I am not sure I guess I will know after I read the book

  7. I don’t like thinking about this, but mine would probably be sloth.

  8. I follow via Google Friend Connect.

  9. I follow you on Twitter @couponlover16.

  10. I subscribe to your feed.

  11. I’m gonna go with envy or greed. It’s a tie between both :/

  12. Well, I dont’ have a child (I’m hoping to win the book for my prego friend!), but I’m about to get my cat, and I’m pretty sure it will be sloth.

  13. Love that book, not enterting just commenting from MD love

  14. probably…gluttony. Too much fast food around here. sigh


  15. I know so many who don’t need a book to mess up their kids lives.

  16. I have no idea…maybe greed. I really don’t know!! I hope nothing!

  17. “Nurturing an Enormous Ego” LOL

  18. Pat Connors says:

    Instilling faith

  19. I don’t have children yet but i think that I may affect my future children with greed, unfortunately

  20. Angela Winesburg says:

    Greed probably, thanks for the chance!

  21. I think I am condoning Pride. I want the girls to have a good self esteem, but I take to the level of Pridefulness.

  22. I think I’m affecting my kid with pride.


  23. Probably sloth.

  24. I’ve probably instilled the “sloth” sin in my son.

  25. Suzette Chrobak says:

    It was almost too much for me to enter…so I’m going to have to go with sloth.

    • All your tweets will be counted that the site was down! Just let me know or I can go research! 🙂

  26. Can you over do honesty? My poor kid thinks that if she doesn’t tell me what she did every second of the day she thinks she is a bad kid. Maybe because she’s 9 she doesn’t know the difference between having her own thoughts and telling me if something was really bad. I mean lately she is almost at the point of telling me when she goes to the bathroom, not literally but you get my point. I am probably close to that but i think I would lie to someone if their hair looked terrible not to make them feel bad, but these days she would probably think it was bad to do that and tell them. I have been known to do that though. i can’t help myself with foot in mouth. lol

  27. I hate that this is true, but most likely I have infected both of my children with sloth.

  28. I follow your blog

  29. Ed Nemmers says:

    Probably pride

  30. Hi. I think that the one I might pass on is Sloth. My child just doesn’t work hard enough. I don’t know where else they might pick that up other than myself. Most disheartening I must say and I’m busy. Ah well. Would love to read this. polo-puppy-fluffy AT hotmail *dot* com

  31. Gabriel J. says:

    I would say gluttony.

  32. I struggle with gluttony, and I know my struggle has a deep impact upon my daughter. macd82 at gmail dot com

  33. I would say envy because I believe that all of us make comments about things that others have that we want, and kids pick up on that.

  34. Sounds like a great book!

  35. Shoot… probably all of them. Sloth mostly, we let him be too lazy.

  36. Gerrie Shaeffer says:

    My guilty sin is probably gluttony because I try to teach them to eat what is on your plate!

  37. Gerrie Shaeffer says:

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    twitter follower

  39. Gerrie Shaeffer says:
  40. Barbara Rawe says:

    Sloth….I hate to admit this one but I would rather do it myself than teach my children responsibility

  41. Nikki Davis says:

    Pride, Pride, Pride….Try to swallow it but choke on it everytime!

    Thank you for the entry!


  42. Pride here too..

  43. Pride?

  44. follower

  45. follow on twitter.(donnak4)

  46. Faved you on technorati.(donnak4)

  47. Veronica Gaarrett says:

    Maybe Envy. It is so subtle.

  48. gluttony for sure =*0

  49. I subscribed to your feed.

  50. I became your Facebook fan.