How To Dress Up Kids Furniture Cheaply

I got bored the other day and decided to get in touch with my very small inner crafter. Tristan has this black armoire that matches her desk and bed. While those are the ONLY three black pieces of furniture in her room it all actually goes nicely.

Most of her room though is pinks, yellows, purples etc. Some pastel and some bold colors but it all flows. Well I went to the store and bought these:

craft stickers

I want to say they are only about 5 bucks most. I bought them at Wal-Mart so they are not hard to find at all.

I was working with this:


Before I started my QUICK  project, I washed this down with just soap and water. And then wiped it dry prior to placing the stickers.

This is the final project.

kid furniture

Fun right?! I think I am going to get a couple different door handles to dress it up just a bit more!

Best part is the kids can help do this so easily!


  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Very cute. I did a simplier thing once to a boring large bookcase that had a boring header thingy. I found some peel and stick on decorator buttons (that look like clothes buttons, but are only for decorating things). I think I found them at Walmart. Then I also had some left over butterfly material that I had made some pillows out of. I cut out very carefully three sets of matching butterflies, 2 of the small butterflies, 2 medium size ones and 2 large ones.
    I stuck the buttons on in a matching design pattern I’d decided on and then the carefully cut out butterflies I put on with Mod Podge in a matching design. It looked really cool, because the blue buttons matched the wall color and the butterflies matched the pillows on the bed.
    I already had some Mod Podge left from a project long ago and the small amount of material was left over and I know I didn’t spend but maybe three or four dollars for those buttons. I’m pretty sure I got those on clearance anyways.
    I think your ideal dressed up the armoire very nicely. You did a great job.

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