How To Decorate For A Fashion Party

Brodie wanted her birthday party centered around fashion as I said. And when it came to decorations and making the party a hit, again, I was at a loss. By the time the decorations, favors etc came around I had already obviously had the Birthday Invitations made and the Dress Cake idea going. I wanted the decorations for the party to not only portray fashion but throw a little celebrity flair into the mix. So for some basic ideas, this is what I did:

fashion party

What I got was Gold Stars and Silver Stars and taped them all over the house. Behind the stars I taped Gold and Silver Ribbon. I cut the ribbon into 2-3 foot strands, curled slightly and bunched in 5 strands per bunch. I also hung the strands or tied the strands throughout the house.

I then blew up various colored pearl balloons and threw them about the house.

Next was making the “red carpet” and “runway”. This was quite simple and brilliant, I got a Red Plastic Tablecloth, folded it and taped it to the floor.

Next thing I did was make signs and use the left over pipe cleaners from the birthday invitations, to place around the house and wrap around the chairs.

And of course what is a party without music? I recommend the Glee Soundtrack(s)! Fun and good songs!

Don’t worry I have much more to share!