Hoover – A Gift Worth Giving

I recently moved into a new house.  The house we are now living in, has given us one thousand; possibly more, square feet. With the added square footage, while sounding fantastic to most people adds to my cleaning chores. My days are now all consumed with attempting to clean either the downstairs or upstairs and hoping amongst hopes that before the kids come home from school that I can get both levels of the house done.

By no means am I entirely obsessed with particulars of cleaning house but, OK, I am anal about it. I like to have a presentable house. I realize having three kids and a busy schedule makes for your normal cluttered house with a sink full of dirty dishes. I was pretty good about staying on top of the dog poop that would eventually overrule me in my backyard. As I said though, life is hectic.

But if there is one thing that can make me beyond crazy because of slightly (read: Brittany is for once not exaggerating but under exaggerating. Is that a term? I probably should get back on track now right?) Anal ways I have a serious issue with stained carpet. The occupants of this house prior to us moving in touted their marvelous cleaning skills and “While the carpet has stains, it’s not gross and doesn’t smell. I know how to clean”. I take most things at face value but figured they had kids and animals like me so I said to myself “get over it”. I realized that the carpets in the house we moved out of were pretty, well DISGUSTING. Little do most people realize just how disgusting their carpets really are, even if they look visibly decent?  I will not exaggerate at this point, but be entirely honest; the carpets in my front room / office were stained HORRIBLY. I am talking extreme visible, large black spots that I attempted to hide with area rugs and runner rugs.

I have taken a break with blogging as most have known and stepped back quite a bit from testing out products and approaching companies but I was approached by Hoover to fit an item in as a product to consider for a great Christmas present. I am not your barefoot “me woman, me clean” kind of girl but I do get a little excited over vacuums and steam cleaners.  So I told them I would absolutely LOVE to give the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner a go around on my blackened carpets.

I immediately have to come straight out with the fact that I am the largest skeptic of home carpet cleaners. I have owned quite a few and whenever I decided to clean my carpets there were some things that went wrong. #1 – they cleaned but not really deep clean. #2 – they left a foul smell. #3 – they left my carpets SOAKING wet and then the carpets ended up even more stained. I have yet to be impressed with carpet cleaners and since all of my bad experiences with them, decided to stick to paying professionals to clean my carpets.

The Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner packs a powerful word punch, starting with this description of the product:

Removes More Dirt

  • The Hoover Platinum Collection™ Carpet Cleaner uses MaxExtract Technology™ to remove more dirt from carpet than other leading brands of carpet cleaners.*
  • Removes more dirt with less detergent than leading competitor based on FCT-0024p and FCT-0284.

MaxExtract Technology

  • MaxExtract Technology™ features the most advanced combination of multi-action agitation, carpet washing, dirt removal and direct heat drying – to provide the look of professionally groomed carpet that you can live on within hours of cleaning.
  • Dual scrubbing, multi-directional brushes have been specifically engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt at every angle.
  • High velocity suction removes the dirty water from the carpet while applying forced heat to speed up dry time.

Integrated Spot Cleaning

  • High intensity LED spotlight illuminates problem areas.
  • Two spot cleaning settings: Stream setting for smaller spots and stains and the Spray setting to attack heavy traffic areas.

Computerized Cleaning Modes

  • Choose between Carpet or Rug settings.
  • Wash with AutoRinse: Patented technology that automatically rinses your carpet with fresh water, leaving less soap residue behind for a cleaner carpet longer.
  • Illuminating wash and rinse lights give you instant feedback and confidence you are cleaning properly.
  • Tank indicator lights alert you when a tank needs to be filled or emptied.

Convenient Cleaning Tools

  • Clean stairs and other hard to reach areas with the SpinScrub powered hand tool, upholstery tool, or crevice tool attached to a super stretch hose.

Even the image of this carpet cleaner can leave you in “shock and awe”.

It looks pretty right? Makes you think it could quite possibly clean my carpets that look like this:

Not the greatest pictures, remember I am working with a camera on a cell phone here, but because I personally know this, decided to take another picture showing you the stains. As a rule of thumb also – I have the arrows pointing to certain spots but let me be frank, those stains are part of one MASSIVE stain in the highest traffic area of my house.; In my front room / office near the front door.

Yes, these are seriously bad pictures but you can see the shadowed area the arrows are pointing to are STAINS.

Either way, let’s start. The basics questions are:

Was it easy to assemble?

Yes. I tore the box open immediately and thought I was going to have to recruit Brent for his expertise in screw tightening because as I know, putting things together without him will probably end in disaster. But he sat back and I was able to do it without cursing and raising my white flag.

Are the directions easy to read and understand?

Yes and no. They have pictures that are highlighted in the book for a bit better understanding but I am a “let’s hurry and do this, not read the book” girl BUT (big butt, err but) trial and error in understanding how the carpet cleaner operates will NOT cause a problem. Does that make sense? Well in other words when you begin to clean the carpets and aren’t sure if you are doing it right – well the handle on the cleaner shows you what it is doing. Whether you are in the wash cycle or rinse cycle. Pretty simple.

Do it actually CLEAN?

Here is where my skepticism kicked in and I was curious to see if it was actually able to clean the carpet or just fade the stains. Of course there is something that goes along with this portion – drying – but we will get to that next.  So to answer your question or my question, whatever, yes.  I have the “proof” though I will have to say you must see in person to believe. Want to come over? I thought for a second I was just convincing myself but because I was excited for the accomplishment of cleaning my carpets, I told my mom. She came over saw the carpets and (I am quoting word for word here) “Wow you can really see the difference”. Mind you my mom was raised to make her bed and after my grandfather would test her bed making abilities the old fashioned quarter drop way. No he was not military – just old school. So when it comes to “clean” with my mom – she’s the ultimate white glove test in human form. Though she is more lenient as I am her child and she’s that loving mom who will make you feel better, when I am seeking honesty, she’ll knock me out with her brutal honest truth in the first round. So here is the after shot of the carpet:

Yes. It cleans. Want another shot?

Looks nice right? Before we move onto the next questions let me show you the before and after side by side shot.

My favorite part is not that it came clean but those awesome lines. I love lines in my carpet. It looks fancy. Ha.

What is the drying process like?

This was a major factor in my ultimate decision about this product. If the drying time or how the carpet cleaner sucks up the excess output of water is shoddy at best, well then I would have to kick it to the curb and stick to original choice; carpet cleaners suck. I started and finished the front room / office and then did the rest of the entry way of my house. (The small hallway area in front of the downstairs bathroom, stairs and leading into the kitchen and leaving room part of the house.) The total time for just cleaning this area without moving furniture around was estimated at two hours. This is not too bad considering I did take a couple smoke breaks and you need to stop to dump the dirty water and fill up the clean water tank. I am going to estimate the time again for drying and say two hours, give or take minutes. It may have been damp ultimately when I initially inspected it and took the “after” pictures but not damp enough to make any difference as I ran my vacuum over it (it is a style that still uses a bag).

What are my overall thoughts?

The carpet cleaner comes with three tanks. One for dirty water that is sucked up. One for the cleaning solution and it is recommended you ONLY use Hoover cleaning solutions. And the last one is your clean water tank. It does recommend you use warmer water. I like that part of it. It’s simple. I, Brittany am here to admit simplicity is my favorite style of anything. When it came to cleaning it, like I said it was trial and error for all of 2 minutes until I watched the handle of the cleaner. When you move the cleaner forward, holding the trigger down it has a light that turns on showing you that it is in the wash cycle. When you stop, keep holding the trigger and move backwards – another light kicks on showing you it is in the rinse cycle. Then you move it back and forth again without holding the trigger and it sucks up the stuff. The part that was another major factor in my decision process was the after effect. When the carpet was dried and vacuumed it was not crunch or hard nor was it pressed flat. Nope. It was soft and with much MORE fluff to it.

If I had actually sat down and wrote a list of what I want for Christmas – this carpet cleaner from Hoover would be #1 or #2 on my list. Of course I am a different type of person so yes, a “mom toy” would an excellent gift.

If you are looking to get one last minute well head over to the Hoover site, click on carpet cleaners and the first one that shows up is this one. On the right hand side of the web page it gives two choices for shopping. Online retailers and retailer location. Or just buy it straight from their website for $399.99.

In closing do I need to explain any further that I was given this product from the professionals that work for Hoover in return I would write up this post? These are my honest thoughts. It’s the best I can give you. And as a side note prior to making a purchase this large and for a product like this at Christmas make sure you wear armor in case your wife is offended and do more research on the product to find out whether or not it would be the right fit for you.



  1. Ooh I need one of those! I have a cat and a 5 year old. My carpets are a MESS. And so is my couch. Does it have attachments for cleaning upholstery? I bet I could give this Hoover a real test too. LOL


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