Hooray For Corn!

Today we all got up early and headed to Helotes. Mind you I have been battling some serious bouts of restlessness and sinus crap all weekend, so I was negative on the sleep factor, but needed to get out of the house regardless. So we headed to Helotes, for the Cornyval! My two nieces and one of my nieces friends came, my little brother and his friend, all my kids. my mother in law and the other brother. The smells of course are one my favorite things about carnivals. We got armbands so we could just ride and ride and ride! We stopped and listened to music, The Museum, a christian rock band who the lead singer had an amazing voice. We got our Elephants Ears (funnel cakes) yummy and some roasted corn. The little ones had a great time riding some of the little kid rides and it was great to watch them. Well my little brother and me are dizzy junkies. We like to ride in things that go in circles really fast and make us totally dizzy. Well that’s just what we did. On our way walking in him and his friend told everyone, ” We are going with Brittany”. Then we all gave each other pounds and were stoked for the dizziness to come!!! They are the funnest boys and made my day by not wanting to be around anyone but me. I rode a ride with every single one of the kids except my oldest niece and her friend, they were too busy being teenagers! Go figure! But they rode with me on the way there, and were telling me just how great I was and how I know everything! I love my little followers! HaHa! But it was a wonderful family spent Sunday! I’m putting up some pictures of carnival rides, as I haven’t uploaded my own yet. Best part was watching my two little ones get on the kiddie roller coaster and scream with their hands in the air like the us adults do!!!!!

Well festival season is definitely underway here in the great state of Texas. We have already been to Poteet for the wonderful Strawberry Festival, which was great fun, the Cornyval (Corn Festival), and we still have the River Fest, Cajun Fest, Apple Festival and many more to enjoy!

A link to show just some of the FEW festivals we enjoy! But there is so many it’s unbelievable!