Homemade Christmas Candles

With Halloween only a couple weeks away it means two things: Thanksgiving then Christmas. It seems as though this time of the year seems to go flying by and with a blink of the eye we are toasting champagne and waving goodbye to yet another year. And if you have gone into most major retailers they are stocking their shelves with Christmas decorations and you can smell tiny hints of this holiday in the air.

So to join in that idea, I thought I would start bringing you all the Christmas goodies you can think of. And what better way to start then some Homemade Christmas Candles! Don’t forget to check out my shopping resource page to see some hot items to buy this season as gifts!


christmas candle little owlz

Little Owlz Christmas Candle

Fragrance: A delightful aroma of Candy Apple and Cinnamon. This is my Favorite:)

This candle is cotton wicked, clean burning and is a blend of Beeswax and Paraffin. Extremely long burning do to the beeswax. Burns evenly with no wasted wax remaining. My candles are HIGHLY SCENTED and will fill multiple rooms with fragrance. If you like Yankee Candle you’ll LOVE Pink Dotted Owl’s:)

gingerbread man christmad candle

Gingerbread Man Christmas Candle

Made with all natural soy wax

Gingerbread Scented

christmas tree candles

Christmas Tree Candles

This is a set of 3 hand-poured contemporary beeswax Christmas tree candles.
This set includes one red, one green, and one white tree.

fir scented christmas candle

Balsam Fir Scented Christmas Candle

Christmas is in the air with this wonderful green candle scented with the full notes of pine needles and cold mountain air!

true texas scent christmas candle
Merry Texas Christmas Y’all Candle

A scent that is called Sweet Holdiay coffee Blend, not really much of a coffee scent,but a sweeet, sweet bakery scent, like cookies.

Do you have a favorite smell for Christmas? I love a variety of scents and candles seem to be the perfect start to any holiday! I think I’m going to stock up at True Texas Scents now!