They same home is where the heart is. True that. True that. I could basically and have lived anywhere with Brent and the kids and be happy. No doubt about that. Happiness lies within our family. Of course there is always outside factors that A.) Sweeten the deal or B.) Make it worse.

I love Arizona. I was born and raised here. Then I moved when I was 17 but regardless, I’ve spent a great portion of my life in this state. My beautiful sister, my friends, my Mom and well all my family is here. Spring time is beautiful and as my sister mentioned in one of her posts recently on her blog, the citrus blossoms make it smell sweeter. I have yet to see a sunset beat an Arizona sunset. The colors that sweep across the sky are nothing short of majestic, especially with the mountains in the faded background of it all.

But as I said, I moved to Texas. I tasted the life of the south. And it’s MUCH different. It’s slower. Quieter. Rich in history and culture. It’s down home cooking, soul food, a different style of music and vast difference in accents! It’s greener, with lots of trees. If you’ve lived in the south and lived in the desert you know the difference.

I get a little homesick. I do. I am very happy here. I love being a short drive to all my family members. I love that I can hang out with my sister and cling to her babies. (Um hello twins! And hello tubes tied…gotta feed that babyitis) But I miss Texas from time to time. I miss driving slow. I miss the accents. I miss the trees. The grass. I miss the humidity even. I know, you all think I am high. But I can honestly say, I miss the climate.

This spring I may choke up just a little, when I don’t see the beautiful flowers blooming along the side of my old country roads. I may choke up just a little when I don’t get to see the wind softly blowing the tips of the gorgeous blue bonnets. I will crave the soft serve – homemade – apple ice cream that used to be a short ten minute drive from my house. I will cry a river when I don’t get to see the lightning bugs dancing in my backyard as my kids play happily. I will cry a river when I walk outside to look at the lightning bugs and the stars and not hear the crickets singing in the far off distance. I will cry a river when I don’t wake up in the morning, after it rained lightly at night and peered out my door to see 2 dozen axis deer grazing in my pasture and the grass and trees a brilliant green.

I will be homesick this year. I will. Sadly enough, my soul may just belong to the south. But even though I may experience all this, I will drive to see my nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts, grandparents, sisters and brothers, my Mom and more. I will get to show my kids what it was like to grow up in the city like I did. I will show them where I played, went to school, where I was born and where I used to live. They will get to know their Mom just a little bit more. They will get to know more about their large family. And that I can handle. I can be satisfied with that.

As I said, I am happy anywhere. So I maybe homesick, but I am always happy.


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  1. The Retired One says:

    I hear you. I grew up as an “Air Force Brat” but our family always came back to the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan as their roots. And, three times during my dad’s Air Force career he was stationed here too. So,whenever we were stationed somewhere else, I would miss the U.P. and its great lakes, green-ness, fresh, fresh air, crickets, deer, and even the snow. So it is my “home” when I think of home. Now, we are lucky enough to own a home on a lake here. The winters are longer than I like and drive me nuts from Jan. until spring. But the rest of the year?: heaven!

  2. Ramblings by Brandi says:

    Thanks so much your the bestest! I am so super excited I went in and changed my permissions for you. Yay Yay! I know how you feel I am very homesick for Nevada and all my friends there. I know I can make a home anywhere and I am happy but alittle part of my heart is very sad. I do have great friends here but this year I will be sad and I will miss a lot of things I already do. Starting over is hard but in the end it all works out. I love you to the moon and back thanks so much for doing that for me. :0).

  3. Dickey Family says:

    I know what you mean about Texas. I love it here. The slow pace and all that you said, is so true. I loved AZ too, but this is home. Are you back in the good ol town we went to school in? If so next time I come visit my family there I’ll have to let you know!