Home From #BOBNOLA

I am home from Bloggers on Bourbon. I am happy to be home as I missed my bed and my legs are tired, but I love New Orleans. The culture and the life their is amazing and if you are wondering if you should plan a trip to the Gulf Coast, let me tell you up front; DO IT! The Gulf Coast is alive, strong and the people are amazing! Do NOT let the oil spill hinder your decision on making to the coast.

Either way I have so MANY post to get out to you about this amazing trip. This experience was something that I will carry on with me forever. I made a connection with EVERY person there on a personal level. You cannot believe how amazing each blogger and sponsor is. Taking it to the personal level that Trisha and Leah did made it valuable and sealed that what I am doing, this blogging thing is worth it when you can meet these people in person and interact with them face to face.

My kids’ smiling happy faces greeted me as soon as I open the truck door, but when I got home, my vacation away from them was validated with these:

welcome home card

They missed me so much they made me a card. Inside the card:

inside card

The house was also completely spotless! Including their rooms! But before I walked in the door I was greeted with this:

welcome home mommy

Isn’t that the sweetest?!


  1. Awwww, so sweet 🙂

  2. Aww, sweet! Doesn’t it feel good, as a mom, to know you are really missed & needed!
    I am impressed that they even kept their rooms clean! Bravo!

  3. That is awesome!! <3 I loved seeing my boys faces this morning when they woke up to me being out there. It was a nice feeling.

  4. How sweet!!!