Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

In my sophomore year of high school, or at least I think it was my sophomore year, a group of about five students (including myself) went on a career trip of sorts with our health teacher. First, I love my health teacher. If there was one class I thoroughly enjoyed and did well at; it was health. I still have my gigantic folder of all my homework and projects for the class. Either way. We went on this field trip to Grand Canyon University. I fell in love.

That day we got to attend lectures, labs and wander about the campus learning all about the health related field and what this university had to offer to prospective students. I remember sitting in one of the lectures filled with college students and feeling euphoric. I was ecstatic to sit amongst other people who wanted to do something in the health field. Who wanted to learn. Who at the time I thought were seriously old and wise.

We at lunch on the grass on the campus talking to each other, talking with the advisers and teachers. We were mini college students. We had bright futures that held endless opportunities in front of us. A blissful day.

The best part. The part that still lingers that thrilled me. We got to attend a session of sorts called Dead Men Tell No Tales. We walked into a lab (the best that I can describe it without calling it an autopsy room) and inside there were students and three dead bodies. No the thrill was not the dead bodies. That would make me a serial killer at best. It was when each student explained to us what had happened to each body. They showed us the internal organs. We saw a brain. A stomach. A heart. It was unexplainable the feeling I felt. The idea of medicine and learning at one exact time. I wanted to know how those organs worked, what was wrong with them and more. I wanted to see it all in action and work to fix it. Or work to make it work better.

The human body is phenomenal. Beautiful. It’s core functions and capabilities can, at any second take my breath away. It intrigues me and fills me up. Medicine. Health. All of it.

I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

– Modern Day Hippocratic Oath Line