His Burn Pictures

Graphic warning, These are his burn pictures.

Brent was involved in an accident at work. That involved fire. He was burned pretty bad and for the past couple of days we have been dealing with ER’s and Burn Centers. I was cleaning it today prior to re dressing it. We have to change the dressings twice a day. These were taken POST Burn Center. The Burn Center went in and did a debridement. Prior to the debridement it looked worse than this believe it or not.

He says it doesn’t hurt so bad and came close to burning his titanium skeleton…… (click for larger image if you dare)

burn picture

arm burn

up close wound

I’ll blog more later about the incident but for now I’m going to relax. I’m exhausted. We’d like to NOT thank Koffler Boats and to THANK Arizona Burn Center for there awesomeness.


  1. Icky. I’m so sorry this happened to him. You’re being an awesome nurse, though 🙂

  2. Youch, that looks incredibly painful. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  3. OUCH! Hoping for a speedy recovery and hoping that boating company takes responsibility for their mess up!

  4. Part of me wonders if he’s just being the tough guy, kwim?? It looks INCREDIBLY painful! Hugs to you and your hubby!!

  5. Holy cow that looks painful! I hope he has a smooth and speedy recovery.

  6. OMG, that’s really bad! Wow! Hope it heals quickly for him!

  7. WOW! That is horrible! I am so sorry, it must have been terrifying!

  8. Wow, ouch!

    I’m so sorry he got hurt – that looks terrible.

  9. That looks terribly painful…so sorry he has to go through all that pain. Wishing him a super speedy recovery!

  10. Wowza…I hope he heals up well and soon. You guys take care!

  11. Icky… burns are nasty… and they need to be kept clean. Is it only on one arm? darn it is at a bending location, when it starts healing it will hurt a bit more I think…
    prayers & positive thoughts for a quick recovery!

  12. That just sent chills through my entire body….I hope it heals quickly..my goodness!

  13. Oh no, I’m so sorry! Hope he feels better soon.

  14. Oh wow! Prayers for a quick healing.

  15. Ouch – thank goodness it’s only his arm. How scary.

  16. OMG! Holy cow those are some serious burns. I am glad they aren’t worse and he is okay.

  17. Poor guy. I hope the company is paying for everything.

  18. ouch! I am glad that the bills will be taken care off boo, if you need me to help please let me know my class is almost over!


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