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You can HIRE The Miner’s Wife! Read further on how to contact TMW, the disclosure policies, privacy policies, terms of service, sweepstakes (rules and regulations) and more when it comes to hiring TMW for ANY of your needs!

If you are looking to have your brand, product, company (etc) promoted on this website or elsewhere through various forms of marketing (advertising, blog posts etc) please feel free to contact me through my Contact Form or at: admin@theminerswife.com

If you are looking to have blog and/or website improvement done you can also contact me using the Contact Form or at: admin@theminerswife.com

By filling out the you are not guaranteed to have work done or me work with you in any way, shape or form. You are merely consenting to me contacting you within 48 hours of receiving the information and for me to begin consulting with you on how we can collaborate together.


To see past work (from marketing to blog improvement) please see: Projects.

Thank you kindly and I look forward to talking with you!

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