Hellooooo Dolly!

We won’t see the eye of it. Nope. Thank goodness. But we are seeing lots of rain from her. Non-stop rain. Some torrential downpour. Maybe that is exaggerating, but then again. Either way we are A-OK here in Texas. We need the rain, but our family reunion is this weekend. People are already headed this way. So it would have been nice if Dolly waited a couple more days. The river is flowing real good and that’s a plus. Means great swimming next week. I might be swimming out of my house come later this evening. I’ll let you know how that goes. Enjoy the pics I am posting…looking out my front and back door. (while I was snapping them I was singing ooh ooh ooh lookin‘ out my backdoor) Oh and I should watch TV more often apparently we might be under a Tornado and Flood Watch. Nice to know.

A link to video when Dolly hit Texas about 5 hours south of us.



  1. Eric and Addie says:

    WOW! Once again to have some other weather besides a dreary desert would be nice. I am slightly jealous. Remember every summer in show low in the after noon the dark clouds would rumble in and the rain would come? Oh I miss it so. Good luck with Dolly hope your family stays safe!

  2. Bad Mommy says:

    There was a hurricane? I’m so outta the loop. Glad you’re safe though, storms suck.