Handmade Christmas Beauty Products

As I spend most of my days on the look out for beauty products that I must have and ones I must share with you (OK I guess I do other things too) – I come across some of the most magnificent things to share.

I really wanted to make a point when it comes to beauty products that you don’t have to rush out to Sephora or Ulta and purchase name brand beauty products to be happy. We all love the name brand and we are all familiar with them- but there is a gem, a hidden treasure if you will, of beauty products in the independent business industry we all may be looking over. One of the best places to begin a treasure hunt for these beauty products is Etsy. Etsy is going to bring you all handmade (vintage, supplies etc too) but as far as handmade – it’s the best treasure out there.

So as I was hunting on Etsy I found the most fantastic sites and products that will be sure to please this Christmas. You can gift this handmade beauty products or use them yourself so that you can look stunning each and everyday leading up to Christmas and after!

So here is my list of Handmade Christmas Beauty Products:

christmas and fall eyeshadow etsyThis mineral eyeshadow, Bitch is the color label, is made by Crush Cosmetics on Etsy. I chose this particular shade because I think is perfect for this time of year. But there is a wide variety of colors that I am coveting.

holiday etsy nail polishThis nail lacquer labeled frosty marrow is a perfect color for Christmas and as you already know I think nail polishes are a fantastic stocking stuffer. Lacquistry on Etsy has some amazing colors for fall, Christmas, New Years and beyond!

apple flavored etsy lip balmFall Macintosh Apple Lip Balm makes me sing out with joy. Lip Balm is a necessity this time of year and top it with delicious flavors for the season and you have me swooning. But For Goodness Grape on Etsy has more than this, their shop has page after page of beauty goodness waiting for you to purchase and fill up someone’s stocking.

vanilla spice sugar body scrub etsyWhen it comes to¬† Christmas and Fall the thought of vanilla is always in my head. And I’ve said in my Beauty Body Makeover post that sugar scrubs are a way to give your body some great love. Well how about you go with Body Language Skin and Beauty Products on Etsy to do that. From gift to self pampering it’s worth a gander.

candy cane lotion etsyTo complete this list I thought I would add some body nourishment with this Candy Cane scented Shea Butter and Aloe Lotion. A perfect match for the holiday season. But Be Greatful on Etsy has a plethora of bath and body beauty products sure to please anyone!

Don’t you worry though my pretties, I have more to share with you on the handmade and beauty front! I have my own lists and I’m checking it twice – sure to bring you all kinds of yummy and delicious products to keep you smiling all year long!