Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Oh, you thought I was done talking about Halloween? Pfft. I was just getting warmed up. Now comes the fun part. Dressing up. You don’t have to go all slutty nurse Betty or throw a sheet over yourself e.g. Ghost Style When You Are 12. Nope. You can get creative and let me just help you out with that!


1. Mad Men

mad men cast

© AMC / Courtesy: Everett Collection


The ladies of Mad Men make me happy and are my number one idea for a great Halloween Costume. Curious on how to even start and where to get those amazing dresses? Check out Pinup Girl Clothing Dresses. They are perfect for this costume idea but yet so stylish you can pull them off everyday!


2. True Blood


true blood cast


You don’t need fake blood and plastic teeth for this idea. Think of Pam in True Blood. She’s HOT. A great starting point for costume is thinking along the lines of corset, heels, skirt, jewelry, glam makeup. Are you running with the ideas now? Don’t wanna plunk down a lot on the corset? Start at Eden Fantasy’s. They have a good selection that you can stay in budget with.


3. Day Of The Dead


day of the dead

Image Credit: vivavanstory.deviantart.com

I actually have a huge obsession with images like this when it comes to Day of The Dead. It’s very beautiful. And I know you may think it’s a lot of work but really it’s not. Not sure where to even start with costumes? Start out with a Saloon Girl costume and just build on it from there.


4. Royal Wedding & Kate Middelton


kate middleton


Let’s draw some inspiration from the ever so lovely Kate Middleton and the royal wedding. What are you talking about you ask? Fascinators. That’s exactly where you begin! You don’t have to go all super princess a la Cinderella. Nope. You go stylish, chic and super fun!


5. Boardwalk Empire


boardwalk empire


Oh yeah ladies we are talking about Flapper Costumes. Which are easily found honestly and actually quite fun. Don’t hesitate either to check out local thrift stores, Goodwill or FlapperCostumes.com.



So now I’ve got your mind running and hopefully filling up with ideas! I’ll be working on some Halloween Makeup How To’s very soon so stay tuned! Until then, read more on all my other Halloween Beauty, Ideas and Style articles!