All Things Halloween Beauty

I realize I have moved into talking a lot of Christmas right now and I’m constantly on the hunt for all the beauty goodies for the Holiday’s but Halloween isn’t quite over and I had to share something fantastic I just ran across. It’s a Halloween lover’s paradise and there are so many beauty products to die over.

Is Fantasy Maker by the creators of  wet N wild.


wet and wild halloween


So what are you going to find in this collection of products? Things that you will love forever and ever each Halloween to come. Like:

halloween eyes

Fake eye lashes. Fantastic eye shadows and colors — and eyeliners. I mean look at that. It’s a plethora of frightful beauty goodness. But it gets better. Check out their nail polish collection:

halloween nails

From the perfect Halloween colors to the glow in the dark options and do you not love the tombstone toppers? But of course Fantasy Maker tops my top Halloween beauty product list with the tutorials of fantastic looks they have like these two:

halloween makeup tutorial

A cosmetic kit for the Mysterious Maven and how to apply to get the look. Oh I love it so much. This is my other favorite:

halloween makeup kit

The Wicked Vixen. Y’all just know how much I love red and a complete kit for this look?! Score!!!

So head over to Fantasy Maker and check out the complete (and large) collection of Halloween Beauty Goodies as well as where to buy them!