Hairstyles For Thanksgiving

And you thought I was going to leave you hanging huh?! Not so much. If you read I covered the best makeup looks for Thanksgiving and Pinup Chronicles covered What To Wear On Thanksgiving.

Now it’s time to complete the entire look with hair and make your Thanksgiving amazing and stylish. So here are some hairstyles (and tutorials) to help you look amazing.

medium hairstyle

This undone look can be easily achieved and will go with any style that you are pulling off. Bumble and Bumble has an easy tutorial for getting this look.

wavy hairstyle

This beautiful beachy, bohemain wavy hairstyle is perfect for the western fashion inspired style on Thanksgiving. Again find the tutorial at Bumble and Bumble.

side bun

This side bun is versatile. You can be sexy or you can be chic. Find the tutorial here.

And if you just aren’t sure go for a messy ponytail or a dressed up braid!