Hair Do’s And Don’t For Face Shapes

Even with my crazy busy schedule right now I try to keep my promises! I promised to bring you the do’s and don’t(s) when it comes to your hair and your face shape. Have you landed here and not totally sure about your face shape? Well read: What Is The Shape Of My Face? for some pointers on determining that! Then head back on over here to figure out what not to do and what to do when it comes to your hair!

There are a ton of factors to consider when it comes to hairstyles, haircuts and hair color. A ton. And often times we don’t always consider them. Have you looked at certain people and thought just how amazing their entire look is and wanted to achieve that? Have you gotten stuck in the rut of same old same old when it comes to your hair and are ready for a change? Well one of the the factors that play into all of this is your face shape. Having the right hair cut and style will help accentuate your face (much like makeup) but the wrong one could just leave you annoyed forever! So let’s look at the do’s and don’t(s)!


oval face

The oval face shape is considered to be the best face shape. Any hairstyle and cut can be worn with an oval face shape. But you still want to enhance your features or go with a bold design. DON’T add too much height to your hair to throw of the perfect proportions of your face shape.

round face

Round Face Shape Do’s:

Add height to the crown of your head, add width to either below your jaw line or above your temples and asymmetrical cuts are great for your face shape.

Round Face Shape Don’t:

Don’t go for a full fringe, add width on the sides of your face or even equal fullness around the entire face. These will make the round face shape more pronounced.

square face

Square Face Shape Do’s:

If you have short hair, sweep it over the ears. Add some texture (not too much) to hide the square corners and if you want fullness, begin that fullness at your temples.

Square Face Shape Don’t:

Don’t add height unless you add width. It will make the square lines longer and accentuate the entire shape and avoid straight and flat styles.


oblong face

Oblong (or Rectangle) Face Shape Do’s:

For short hair, go equally full on top and above your ears. You can even add width at the sides and use a side part and diagonal fringe!

Oblong (or Rectangle) Face Shape Don’t:

Much like the square face shape you don’t want to accentuate the dominant areas. So avoid straight, flat hair and too much height unless you have width.

pear face

Pear Face Shape Do’s:

If you have short or medium length hair; add some width at the forehead. If you have longer hair – use it cover your jaw line to conceal the width there. Curls and wispy hair is perfect on this face shape.

Pear Face Shape Don’t:

Don’t add to much width at the jaw line and don’t go too narrow at your temples. It will only accentuate this face shape more. Try to avoid bob’s and extremely short hair.

diamond face

Diamond Face Shape Do’s:

Again, go with a side part and diagonal fringe. (Part hair NOT directly down the center and do the “swoop” bangs). Add some width at your forehead and jaw line. This will conceal those dominant areas and create balance.

Diamond Face Shape Don’t:

Don’t add height on top and volume at sides (cheekbones).

heart face

Heart Face Shape Do’s:

Add some width (volume) at the jaw line (create the illusion of fullness) — so leave the fullness at your nape (neck) that can be seen from the front. Again, it’s all about balance.  Curls can help soften the shape / features.

Heart Face Shape Don’t:

Don’t add volume to the top and avoid width at your forehead and/or cheekbones.


If you still have questions, fire away! I’ll be happy to answer them! And talk to your stylist – they can and will love to help you! And don’t you worry — I still have plenty of more factors and information for you on getting that perfect hairstyle!





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