Hair Cut & Style Ideas

Sometimes no matter what hair color, accessories and trends are going to be in each season — we are left with so many choices on what we should do with out hair. If you are like me, you want to change your hair at least once a month. And sometimes your face shape has no effect on what hairstyle is best for your face shape. ┬áSo here are some pictures to get your mind full of ideas for hair cuts and hairstyles.


blunt cut

A Medium Length Blunt Cut.

bob haircutThe Always Classic, Bob.

fringe bangsFull, Fringe Bangs. Easily Swept To Your Best or Fave Side.

long layersLong Layers. Doesn’t Mean You Need Long Hair.

ombre hairNot A Cut. But The Infamous, Ombre Hair. (Color — Pulled Off Well With A Grunge Style)

whimsical wavesWhimsical Waves. (Plus this dress is super cute). Again not a cut but a timeless style.

pixie cutLast but not least, Pixie Cut. Go even shorter than this if you like.

So there you have it. Different hairstyles, cuts, colors etc. Hopefully all or one of these will give you some great ideas for your next trip to the salon!