Hair Care Tips For Winter

There are two harsh seasons out of year that not only kill your skin but your hair. Winter and Summer. I covered some great winter skin tips, but now I need to cover hair tips. Much like I have covered with your skin – you need to understand your hair. You need to know it’s behavior, texture etc.

My hair during the summer is usually extra oily, a little wacky and the sun damages it. During the winter though my hair stays pretty normal – not overly oily or dry. But I tend to pull my hair up more in the winter or style it more. Which then leads to the damage done by heat styling etc.

You shouldn’t change you beauty routine much during the winter as far as basics – unless your hair’s behavior changes. I always wash my hair every other day if not every couple days and during the winter I stick with that. But I do tend to give my hair more quenching and moisture treatments just as I would my skin. The winters can tend to be just as dry as the summer.

So here are some great tips for your hair this winter:

Avoid the heat styling as much as possible. And if you do decide to curl or flat iron your hair use the blow dryer on a cool setting and use a heat protection product before flat ironing.

When it comes to blow drying, use a flat brush and hand dry your roots. Aim the dryer down when its on the cool setting so that it helps keep the frizz at bay and will get your hair straight.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. Try to do a deep conditioning every week or every two weeks. And stock up on moisture products like Joico’s Moisture Recovery line.

As I said I do already, don’t over shampoo and condition. Try dry shampoo and also look into Leave In Conditioners.

A tip when it comes to shampooing and conditioning – avoid the heat there too. Try going with a warm or cold water. And cold water to rinse out conditioner does help a bit in locking it in and will give you a bit of shine.

With any season, try to protect your hair from the outside elements. Wear a scarf or beanie. Avoid letting the elements (just like the sun in summer) giving your hair a butt kicking.

Talk with your stylist about protecting your hair this winter or head into your local cosmetology school and have them walk you through winter hair care.

A great idea instead of heat styling – invest in foam or non-heated activated curlers. You can put them in over night with your styling products and leave in conditioner. The next morning all you have to do is style away and no heat to make the curls!

If you keep an eye out I will gather some great tutorials on styling your hair this winter without heat! And don’t be afraid to share what some of your winter hair care tips are!