I have no idea why I am awake. Gonna have to work that issue out some other time. At the moment I am chalking it up to Cabin Fever. Have a lot to say again, but tis 4 FREAKING A.M. I did manage to finish my new book in a day or less.

But here is a conversation that I had recently that made me cry.

One, because I am around boys constantly. Well besides my daughters, nieces etc, I am around my 5 brother in laws and husband. And if you don’t think for a second that 10 years around that much testosterone won’t affect you, well your crazy. You begin to admire them deeply, and you form a bond.

So, the reason why the conversation made me cry, because it was with my son. Who’s growing up and will one day be one of those men. The ones I admire. The ones that are the good guys. And not for a moment will I ever consider him something other than special.

(I’m cutting up fruit in the kitchen and storing it–speaking of which I did this last week and had a conversation with my daughter, but I will save that one for tomorrow…err today..much later today.)

So I’m cutting up fruit and Dayton is standing next to me. Out of nowhere this is the conversation we had

Dayton: Mom, while Daddy is at work I am the boss.

Me: *insert giggle* No son, I am the boss, even when Daddy is at home. I am always the boss of this house (power trip Momma much?!?!)

Dayton: Right. Your the boss. But I am Baby Daddy ,while Daddy is at work.

Me: *laughing so hard I’m about to wet myself* No son. You are not Baby Daddy. (I do know that he was implying smaller version of Daddy, but Baby Daddy just gets me going)

Dayton: Well. While Daddy is away at work I am THE MAN OF THE HOUSE. To care of things you know.

I couldn’t argue. I couldn’t speak. I sure as hell couldn’t cry, that would just confuse and worry him.

But my 4, soon to be 5 year old son has bestowed upon himself the honorable and admirable title, Man Of The House. He opens doors for me, kills bugs for me, hugs me and suffers through holding my hand in public when I ask for it. In my heart of hearts I am so proud of myself for raising one hell of a little boy, that without a doubt will become one hell of a man.

So I cried when he wasn’t looking.


  1. Eric and Addie says:

    Oh my goodness that was the sweetest post ever. Sounds like your raising your son right to take care of and protect your family. Those little boys sure know how to melt our hearts don’t they?

  2. *~Brandi~* says:

    Oh Britt I love that post so much it made me cry a little tear. From the mouths of babes. I swear you are raising the best children. I am so glad you shared that with us. By the way I need my Britt Largest Starbucks I can get my hand on I wish we lived closer together miss you so much.

  3. *~Brandi~* says:

    I think I posted that twice sorry I am a tard…

  4. Bad Mommy says:

    Now I want to cry! And I want a little boy…. That is just too sweet 🙂