The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

It was a fairly beautiful late spring day in Arizona and I was in a horrendous mood. A mood that had thus far seemed to match my year.


Full of anxiety.



Needing…I was needing something I couldn’t pinpoint.


So I hopped in my car with kids in tow and drove. I turned the music up to drown out the kids’ confused questioning, whining and fighting. I rolled the windows down to truly enjoy the drive. ┬áTo get that escape. To free my mind. To find clarity.

I had brief moments of clarity prior to that day, but they were a bit overshadowed by other things I absolutely needed to process. Or attempt to process.

I can’t remember the song playing. I can’t even tell you exactly where I was at on this drive and it hit me. The answer I was seeking, came to me with no doubts mixed in, no confusion, no guessing. Just an answer.

And the plan was set into motion at that very moment….



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That is when The Great Adventure began. It has taken roughly 5 to 6 months of planning, deciding and following through to get us here.


But we are here. And it’s been officially a week since we’ve been in our new house. And what a week.