Goosie Cards – Review

I was given the wonderful opportunity of reviewing Goosie Cards and I could not be more excited! Let me go ahead and give you some information all about Goosie Cards before I give you my review on it!

(Taken from their website

Goosie Cards®

Goosie Cards are the first and only custom flash cards for children that can be personalized with photos and text!
Boy image
Goosie Cards are the ultimate flash cards because they give parents the power to teach…and their teaching possibilities are endless!
Girl Image
Kids love them because they’re fun and parents love them because they’re educational!

Special Features:

  • Every card is unique
  • High photo quality
  • Laminated to wipe and keep clean
  • Professionally made from heavy card stock
  • Big cards for little hands (4 ¼” wide by 7 ½” long)
  • Shipped in 3 days
  • Cards can be created in 10, 20 and 26 card sets and prices start at $28

I was more than excited when the package showed up. I am always trying to find new and creative ways to play/teach my kids. Brodie can even get in on the fun with any learning, since she is the older child. So when the kids went out to play, leaving poor baby Tristan behind, I decided it was perfect timing to break out the Goosie Cards and play/teach.

The flashcards are extremely durable. They are not your typical paper flashcards, that after so many uses start to bend, fall apart and tear to pieces.

The pictures are true pictures, that are not cartoon characters and can’t be mistaken for another animal, object or person. That is a serious plus!

Tristan and I got to test out the Animal Kingdom Goosie Cards. Perfect, since we all know Tristan is a lover of animals.

(A quick video of us playing with Goosie Cards)

There were a few that she did not get, well because I’m a bad teacher and she was a little confused on what they are. But because of the real pictures, she got the just of them. Here are my pictures (taken from my phone mind you) of the Animal Kingdom Goosie Cards, that she did get.

They are very neat looking, right?! I have to say that we give Goosie Cards, 5 G’s for sure. They are durable, fun, realistic and very creative!

Also all orders are shipped for free! Great!

I have 2 special gift certificates for a set of 10 Custom Goosie Cards to giveaway! I will not be posting this giveaway as of yet, with the giveaway I have going on, you would not want me confused right?! So the giveaway for these gift certificates, start on 4/6/09 and will be posted then. So stay tuned!

In the meantime go browse around Goosie Cards and get familiar with the creative flashcards!

*Special thank you to Goosie Cards for giving me this opportunity. If you look in sponsors you will find their website. Thank you again!



  1. Ramblings by Brandi says:

    How cute your little monkey is with her flash cards. I’m going to tell my sister about them so that she can get them for my nephew. Love ya

  2. I am Harriet says:

    Good info. thanks

  3. The Daily Dean Chronicals says:

    Thanks I will check them out! What a neat idea!