Goody Bags For A Fashion Birthday Party

It is some unwritten rule in the universe that for a birthday party to be a true birthday party, there needs to be goody bags. Or maybe this is just in my head. Either way for both of my kids’ birthday party I put together enough goody bags for all kinds to enjoy. I thought about having games and the kids earning them, but really that just does not seem fun. So let’s cover what a fashion birthday party, on a budget, can use and include in goody bags.
fashion partyAs I have already covered, Brodie’s party was going with a theme. Fashion. We made Invitations for a Fashion Birthday Party. And we also improvised and got creative when Decorating for a Fashion Birthday Party. Of course let’s not forget the Dress Cake. Which I still need to get Brodie to create the template for me. We had music. We had girls. We had makeup. Let’s not forget also that there was Mom (me here, waving) allowing the girls to freely explore the clothes and dress up at will. I also allowed them to use my facial products (ones I hardly use mind you) to get very spa like. I’m sure it was very thrilling to them.

But I wanted to give them goodies to go home with too. Keepsakes of the fun girls’ night they had. I had to keep with my frugal ways, as Christmas is only 23 days after Brodie’s birthday. Yeah she got lucky. Enough time in between that her presents don’t get mixed together. She gets both.

So what I did was sat down and made a huge list of things that girls are into. On top of thinking about what items would correlate with a fashion themed birthday party. Yes, the list was long but I cut it down to things that I could buy a lot of at once etc. I ended up placing the items in little wooden baskets that I had hanging around in my craft stuff. But I will show you another option in case you don’t have such a thing handy.


fashion goody bags

These items (pictured above) are what I placed in them. I do believe I got candy too for them to throw in there, but these were the main pieces. You can buy this in lots which helps save. And to really have you save you can always check out stores like the Dollar Tree. And throw in stickers too for fun. Anyway what I got was:

Fruit Flavored Lip Balm

Jelly Bracelets For Girls

Clip on Earrings for Girls

Girls Necklace and Bracelet Jewelry Sets


For gift bag suggestions you can:

Buy brown sack lunch bags and let them decorate themselves with markers, crayons etc.

Use plastic sandwich bags. Let them decorate themselves also with stickers etc. And to label them, buy a package of sticker labels.

Head to your local thrift store or Goodwill. They will have tons of purses etc you can buy for cheap! (wash before handing out)