Girls Oh My!

My darling Brodie has always been a book worm like her mom. Yes, that’d be me. I like to read a whole lot. We went to Target last week and the kids were begging for toys. One thing they don’t need and I don’t want to get them. Toys are just one more thing I would have to clean up. Or boss them to clean up.

I went over to the electronics section to scout out seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Which I found. And have already obsessed over. Right next to the movies etc are books. I had finished reading Blood Noir (which is an awesome book), so I thought I’d also find a book to read. Well instead I found the kids some books to read. They were sold nonetheless and didn’t ask for a toy for the rest of the day. Hooray!

Well my baby brother and Brodie got the same book, but a girls version and a boys version. They have not put them down yet and love them.

So if you are looking for a book to entertain your daughter and drive yourself crazy with check this one out.