Girls Day

So today was the day to take Ms. Brodie to the Doctor’s office. My MIL had to head that way to so we just all rode together. At the Doc’s Brodie got an all clear and everything is on the up and up. We only go back if she gets sick, otherwise we have a check back in two months! Hooray she’s better!!! After explaining the carpet fiasco to him, likely it was environmental allergies and that’s why we are checking back in two months. (see how she’s feeling)

After the Dr’s we headed to Mamacitas to grab some lunch. Brodie got to get a Shirley Temple, we munched on chips and dip and ate a nice lunch just us girls. Brodie loved it. She ate up having a girls day with her grandma and mom!!

Next up was Wal-Mart to pick up stuff for the pool and I decided to splurge on myself a little. Got me a new bathing suit, some more tanning accelerator, some jewelry and beer for the hubs tomorrow!

On the way outta town we stopped off at Hastings’s and I got the kids some movies. Mr. Chase got his Power Ranger’s! (of course) I got the girls a Shirley Temple Collection and they love it. My MIL hooked me up with some classics with Frank Sinatra, some John Wayne flicks and the Tammy movies. I love the classics!!!!

Once home and I started to straighten the house, MIL was back over showing me this snazzy new makeup she bought off HSN. My MIL is a huge home shopper and can find some serious crazy stuff, I am not gonna lie. So far I love the makeup, she made me try it on and it’s pretty good.

I used to butt heads pretty badly with my MIL, on my behalf I was still a rebellious teenager, mother or not. So me and MIL had some serious issues. Now that I have grown up and had my inner person found, I am blessed to have such and awesome MIL. She is the key to my husband, I know all the stories, we can talk about the family and I can keep up. She is like my best friend, we shop, work out, tan etc together, yet she is still there to tell me when I am wrong or need help. Plus how can I dislike someone who buys me Christian Dior glasses?!?! Ha Ha!

I always appreciate days like today, reminds me how lucky and blessed I am in this life.
Happy Hump Day!