Sell Your Gift Cards For Cash

One thing I wanted to touch on while I’m discussing finances on my blog lately is kind of a quick way to earn money. This site that I am going tell you about, is not like most sites and it’s not a way to just make money online. You actually have two options to make money from selling your gift cards. One is immediate with Pay Pal and the other takes a bit of time, but at most I would say a week. I’ve done both. I’ve traded two gift cards. One I did instantly and got my funds directly into my Pay Pal account. The other I sent my card in and the funds were deposited in my account as soon as the card was received.

plastic jungle
The way it works, is you go onto the Plastic Jungle website. They give you the option for instant funds or the other. The instant funds are for certain retailer gift cards. Target, WalMart. Extremely popular stores. Now they don’t have every single store, but they do have quite a bit if you aren’t looking for the instant funds.

Then you enter the information regarding the amount. They do have a limit on how much the card can be – Minimum type amount. Then they make you an offer. They are NOT going to offer you the full amount of your card. So I bet you are wondering why Plastic Jungle or any other sell your gift card type sites are worth it? Well for one, if you got these gift cards as a gift – you can get cash for them instead of carrying around a card that you may never use. Of course you can always re-gift them, but I have to be honest, how often are you going to do that? And as I said it’s a quick way to get cash if you are in need.

As I said I have it done this twice with absolutely NO problem at all. If you chose the option not to get instant funds and to send the card it, they give you a shipping label to print out for free. Slap it on an envelop, insert the other paper you need to print, a packing receipt of sorts, add your gift card and voila! Done! I want to say I sent out my gift card last week and it was no longer than 7 business days for me to receive my payment. I will say 10 days tops.

So if you are looking for a way to get some extra quick cash and you have gift cards hanging around that you may or may not use – check out Plastic Jungle! They do also sell gift cards at discount, if you are looking for that too.

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