Get Out!

So yesterday the playhouse for kids showed up. Which I get to review actually. We put it together and it’s all set up now. So now the kids are moving out of the house. Thank goodness.

In Texas they could run and play. For hours. They had forts and mighty jungles to explore. They had horse pastures, rocks, trees and bones to intrigue them. PLUS it wasn’t 120 million (I like to OVER exaggerate on the heat here in Arizona) degrees out side.

But now they have tons of toys outside to play with and to keep them occupied. That also means I can clean the house during the day without them coming right behind me and messing it up. That drives me insane. I swear the minute I get a room clean the follow right behind me and tear it right back up again.

kids outside

Plus the reason I love when they are outside is when they are eating fudgesicles like above….they aren’t doing it  inside my house. Which means no sticky walls, sticky sinks and dripping fudgesicle mess all over my floors. GLORIOUS!

But now that they have the playhouse and stuff to play with out there, I need to go invest in some outdoor pillows. Maybe even a little fan to put out there too. They can put it all in their playhouse and NOT come inside.

Just go ahead move on out. See ya when it is time to eat bucko’s.

Not really. I just have big dreams.


  1. Haha, you’ll be crying when they move out! 🙂

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    LOL. Good your kids like to be outside and not glued to a computer game 24-7.

  3. Ria Clarke says:

    That’s exactly how it will be if I win the play tent that you are giving away! My son can’t wait. i hope I win!

  4. DOOD…pictures! Need more pics of their new house. I wish mine would go get a job.

    • Brittany says:

      lol me too! That would be helpful. Think we can start a toddler union? They could help tear down buildings and do remodeling!