Fun and Messy Short Hairstyle

About a week ago I went in and had all my hair chopped off. It was about 2 inches or so past my shoulders and now it barely sits on my shoulders. And with spring right around the corner (OK I am thinking wishfully) I realized I needed to start getting my hair lighter. Unfortunately it’s a journey and not the destination so to preserve the integrity of my hair I had highlights put in it. Then my educator at school did full highlights (all over my hair) as a demo before we did it on our womakin’s. So now I have that lightness that I wanted but the health of my hair is still good.

Anyway – the best part about my particular cut is that I wanted that choppy, undefined, NOT smooth look. I am not the biggest fan of smooth, straight lines with my hair. This cut makes it easy to style. We also went through our product knowledge with our representative from Bumble and Bumble so that made experimenting with styles even more fun.

So I decided to play with some of the products that I got in my kit as well as some of the combinations we learned from Bumble and Bumble to see what hairstyle I could come up with. I wanted to get something that was messy, had volume, had a bit of shine (for my blonde) and was fun.

This is what I did and used:

Creme De Coco cleanse and condition. I chose Creme De Coco because it’s going to give me moisture and shine. Plus it smells amazing!

Prep. Prep is my foundation of choice as it will reveal texture and help the cuticle lay flatter as well as add shine. But you can chose Tonic if you like.

Styling Creme. Styling creme is my styling product of choice because it’s going to give me body, texture and great hold.I applied after Prep while my hair was still damp and worked it through from base to ends. Then went to sleep.

I woke up this morning and started by placing about a 2-3 section of hair (on top, Mohawk section) in a clip and out of the way. I then grabbed my Grooming Creme. I chose to put the Grooming Creme on my hair that was not separated and because it adds texture, separation, satin finish, moisture, volume control and smoothness. So that my hair that is lying down and not in a clip will have that choppy and separated look. I then used my K-Pak VaporIron to just smooth some of those “bumps” you get from sleeping on wet hair. I like the texture of those bumps, but my hair is also naturally curly, so it took on a curled effect also.

Next thing I did was let the hair out of the clip and placed my fringed on the side I wanted it to lay. I used the VaporIron on the fringe, but I went straight up with it so that it would have a bit of volume when they were to lay back down. Then I grabbed the Sumotech. I love Sumotech for the lightweight structure, texture, flexible hold, matte finish and separation. I wanted the matte finish on top as I used quite a few products that will add shine. I didn’t want to overwhelm the hair with shine. I placed a small amount into my hands, rubbed them together then worked through the hair. Doing a bit of a “scrunch” motion.

This is what it sort of looks like. I took a quick pick before heading out. I need a camera something fierce by the way!

side messy hair

One of the best things about using Bumble products is that you never feel like you have product in it. Plus they are great versatile products and playing with combinations are a lot of fun!





  1. it’s super cute! I just chopped all my hair off too (about 6 inches or so!) and it feels great. Long hair is so limiting and always ends up in a ponytail. I need some new product though….I’ve just been using my husbands fibre cream!

    Btw – you’re the next ‘car’ in the comment train! Choo Chooo lol 🙂

  2. LOVE it! Ugh I battle with my hair all the time. It is SOOO finicky. I finally went dark again, and I am liking it. I want to get back to “virgin” hair… I am just too impatient LOL

  3. I go through stages. I decide I’m going to grow it out, then I cut it off. It’s a vicious cycle. I’m in the growing it out phase right now. I need something fun to do with it, I might try this! Thanks!

  4. Oh I love it! I just cut all my hair off too. But I went way shorter than you. Read Pixie cut.

  5. I love the cut, looks great! I’m going to have to find me some of those products, I hate the feeling of crap in my hair, but it’s the only way to keep it calm looking!

  6. Thanks for the product tips! I love the new do— I always love my hair shorter than longer. Eventhough we always desire long when it is short. 😉

    Nice to meet you!


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