Frederick’s Of Hollywood Review

On The Greer 5, I have mentioned, a while ago, Frederick’s Of Hollywood. I love that place, I do!
I first walked in there and of course the ladies were quick to help me and size me up! Something that I haven’t ever done. So I was shoving big boobs into little bras and it was a disaster.
Life is good now. I wear the properly fitting bra and comfortable to boot!
If you need a great, sexy, comfortable bra definitely stop by Frederick’s Of Hollywood! They have great prices on all their bras, panties etc.
I now shop with them religiously. They offer you a card which they stamp for every bra you buy! After 10 you get one free!
Right now I am in love with their Water Bras! I still get the support, cleavage if I want and comfort! All within my budget too!
So go check out Frederick’s of Hollywood and comfort your ta-ta’s!