Foods To Eat For Great Skin

Having beautiful and flawless skin takes more then just caring for it properly. It also comes from within the body. Your hair, skin and nails are often times the biggest teller of what you’ve been eating, drinking or even what you haven’t. After I had seen many dermatologists and learned what products did and didn’t work on my skin; I also learned ways to combat it with simple methods. For instance, I learned that going outside in the sun made a drastic difference on my skin. My skin would instantly clear up and I begun tanning more often to keep my acne breakouts at bay. As I got older I learned that it wasn’t the direct sun or the exposure to UV Rays, it was Vitamin D. And of course my increasing my water intake from being out in the sun or in a tanning bed.

So here are a foods (that contain vitamins etc) that are great for you skin.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Gives you healthy and glowing skin.

This can be found in these foods:

Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Halibut etc). Flaxseed. Soybeans. Olive Oil. Pumpkin Seeds. Raspberries


Vitamin C. It’s an antioxidant. It helps create scar tissue and ligaments and also helps the skin repair itself.

This can be found in these foods:

Citrus Fruits. Bell Peppers. Cauliflower. Broccoli. Spinach. Collard Greens. Tomatoes


Zinc. Helps to repair and heal skin (wounds etc). Amazing for acne prone skin.

This can be found in these foods:

Red Meats. Dairy Products. Eggs. Nuts. Legumes. Beans. Whole Grains.


Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Both vital for healthy skin.

These can be found in these foods:

Sunflower seeds. Nuts. Vegetable Oils. Turnip Greens. Tomatoes. Pine nuts. Avocado. Carrots. Pumpkins. Cantaloupe. Spinach. Kale.


Vitamin D. One of the largest in combating acne. It is one of the most important vitamins often overlooked.

These can be found in these foods:

Fatty fish. Whole Eggs. Soy milk.

Mostly can be consumed via vitamin or the all natural way — sunlight!


Any of these vitamins etc can be taken in pill and/or supplement form. But please consult your doctor before doing so. Otherwise try incorporating these foods into your diet more and more. To see a break down of nutritional values and how much you should be eating daily: Chose My Plate (USDA’s MyPlate)

And read: How To Reduce Acne Breakouts, for more information on keeping your skin care with a daily routine and more.