Food For Your Face

Changing our eating habits and increasing our intake of the “good stuff” is one way to get beautiful skin, hair etc. But what about using foods on the skin?! I’ve highlighted before some great homemade recipes for beauty treatments and I’m about to give you some more. But now I am going to also highlight some great products that just make you think yummy!

sheer coverage

Not only does Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Lotion SPF 30 ($9.99) smell amazing, but one of its key ingredients is a candy favorite: Licorice! This sunscreen provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and licorice has been proven to fight hyper-pigmentation!

vitamin c toner

A cup of morning OJ is great for keeping a cold away, and Vitamin C in JASON C-Effects Super-C Toner ($9.95) is clinically proven to keep wrinkles away on your skin. This multi-antioxident toner reverses the oxidative stress caused by the sun and is packaged in a refreshing mist formula.

yes to carrots

Smooth, richly creamy and decadent no, we’re not talking about chocolate!– the Yes To Carrots Cream Cleanser ($7.99) gently cleanses and nourishes your beautiful skin. 96% natural and made with organic carrots, aloe vera and shea butter, it is the “cream” of the crop in facial cleansing luxury. So go on, go decadent, you deserve it!

yes to tomatoes

We know you juggle many aspects of life on a daily basis, hydrating and balancing your skin shouldn’t be one of them! Let us tend to your needs with Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Balancing Moisturizer ($14.99). Rich in antioxidants and powerful sebum (acne-causing oil) absorbers, it both moisturizes and balances, keeping your complexion carefree. So, go on, give up the balancing act and try something more fun, like the trapeze!

fruit smoothie mask

Bursting with healthy goodness, this thick smoothie treat of Raspberry, Mango, Apricot, Peach & Pomegranate isn’t a drink but it is bound to leave you in a smiley mood. Montagne Jeunesse Pore Cleansing Fruit Smoothie ($2.25) The crushed Raspberry and Mango leaves skin fresh, clean and smooth.

And read this article for your own at home recipes for Food For Your Face.


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