FOH Is Great!

My mother in law told me that she went bra shopping at FOH. (see left) At first I was pretty shocked I must admit. I mean seriously, your first thought on that is lingerie meant for only your man’s eyes and my second thought was “OH MY GOD THEY ARE CLOSET FREAKS!” But she has had a lap band surgery done and has lost some weight so she went for new bras. Well in FOH they measure you, throw each style of bra at you and you try them on. GREAT!!!! I’m still pretty young and I love the push me pull me give me cleavage bras, so that’s what they hooked me up with. Well the most shocking part of the entire experience…now mind you I am 5’4″ on a good day with way to much junk in the trunk, is when they measured me….I am a 38D. You know that cliche’ question; “If you woke up as the opposite gender what would you do?”, and you get the cliche’ answer from men “Play with my boobs!”, well I’ll be damned when I tried on that bra if that’s not what crossed my mind at that very moment. Somehow I was managing to shove every bit of my BTC (big titty committee) into a 36C. Yes you read that right. So my life has opened up to a wonderful new world of boobs! I love them. I passed every window and checked out my fantabulous, Au natural! Great prices, they feel great, dammit I look great, so it’s a winner in my book. I even went shopping for new shirts to sport with the new bra! I have been pampering myself quite a bit, for my birthday my mother in law paid for a month of tanning for me, yay! I go work out everyday and tomorrow will be sporting a stylish new do on top of it! I am so spoiled I must admit!!

But in doing all these wonderful things for myself including shopping for a new car, which we are in no hurry to get, but is my birthday and mother’s day gift from that wonderful husband of mine, I’ve come to a great revelation; I am important!!!! I’ve spent countless times inside many of shopping malls, department stores, you name it buying for my wonderful children, home and husband. But when it came down to buying myself something I felt guilty and passed up the totally cute $50 pants for cheap that I don’t like but wear anyway. And in the end I only made myself unhappy and unsatisfied. Thus bringing my frustration meter to a whole new level. I am a person. I am not just mommy and wife, I’m Brittany! If I lose myself along this path, what good am I to anybody?!?! So today, is a good day, a brighter day, a day for me to remember, I deserved to dish out that extra little bit for myself and buy my kids those movies they wanted!!! This is what life is all about, cherishing the moment, enjoying the times, smiling and having fun!!! But for now, it’s dinner time, shower/bath time then shut eye time!




  1. The Hudson Family says:

    38D!?!? Damn girl! That’s what size I am…but that’s only because I’m nursing! I used to be naturally bigger, but that was before I had kids. After nursing, I shrunk big time. Oh well, that’s life! You definitely deserve to indulge yourself and so you should! What kind of car are you getting? I say enjoy life and splurge a bit every now and then! Love you girl!