Get A Flawless and Versatile Look

I spend many nights and days creating looks with my makeup. I love to try to come up with my own looks or recreate looks I have seen. It’s the best part about beauty and makeup — the versatility. The ability to create whatever you want.

So the other night I sat down and tried to create a very flawless look that you could transform with a sweep of different color lipsticks or different hairstyle into day and night. And believe it or not I achieved a very basic one and I thought I would share with you how I did it. So here it goes.


What You Need To Get A Flawless and Versatile Look:

Fit Me Foundation
— I am actually a huge fan of this right now.

Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Concealer Trio

Volume Express Washable The Falsies Mascara – Black Drama  — Just tried this for the first time not too long ago, LOVE the way it makes my lashes look.

Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow — Get the “Give Me Gold” collection.

Healthy Skin Pressed Powder

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner  — In black.

Color Sensational Lipstain — I went with “Touch Of Toffee”

Stay Glossy Lip Gloss — Infinitely Pretty is a great choice.

Baked Matte Satin Blush —  Go with “Peachy Pink”  it’s close to a coral shade.

{Also go with any primer and any other products you use for your normal beauty routine including your makeup brushes.}


How To Create The Flawless and Versatile Look:

1. After washing, moisturizing and priming your face as normal you will then need to add your concealer. You can put your concealer on after the foundation but for the ultimate flawless look you will want to put it under your foundation and let it set or set it with sweeps of powder of it.

2. Next is to apply your foundation for full and even coverage. The fit me foundation is so light weight but does amazingly when it comes to coverage. Then you are going to set the look with the pressed powder. Be sure to blend everything in well including your powder.

3. Apply the eyeshadow. You start with the lightest color to highlight your brows. Cover all your eyelids up to the brow with the next color. Then you use the darkest color to fill in your lid under the crease and sweep it out softly to blend above the crease and into the rest of the colors.  Don’t use the gold just yet. That’s next couple steps.

4. Now you need to apply your gel eyeliner to your lash line {upper} and above your lash line {lower}. Yes this is the advanced eyeliner technique I have talked about. So be slow and steady.

5. Now go back to the eyeshadow and use the gold color to line your lower lash line and add it to the corner of your inner eyes {above}. Also use the gold to dust light on the upper lid, below the crease but here is the trick. Find the center, then go toward the center just a bit and add it there. Top off the eyes with the mascara.

6. Next is to add your blush. Be sure to sweep out towards your hair line and blend it in well.

7. Now is to add the lip stain to your lips and use the gloss just to add a touch of shine to your lips.


This look is easily versatile with a simple down hairstyle that can be swept into a loose ponytail and you will go from daytime office look, to nighttime girls night out look!


flawless versatile look