Flavored Water Recipe

Staying hydrated all year long is very important and often times we don’t realize just how dehydrated we are. If you are like me, drinking water isn’t a big deal it’s juts something easily overlooked. Then again, you could also be getting bored with just plain ice water. Well here are a few recipes to make that water tasty and get you back to staying hydrated.




Cucumber Water:

Grab your knife and cucumber. Slice the cucumbers thing and if you like you can also peel them or to get fancy peel strips off. {It’ll leave a pattern}Place in your ice water and if you want to get it even tastier add lemon, lime or mint!


Fruity Water:

This is one of my favorites. Grab some sparkling water, a cup of ice and fresh sliced strawberries. {Or any fruit like raspberries, kiwi, peach, mango etc} Slice the fruit thinly and wash prior to putting it into the drink. And done!


Lemonade Water:

This one is super fun and it’s hit and miss as you prepare yourself. I grab water and fill my cup about 3/4’s of the way full. I then grab a lemon and cut in half. Then squeeze the juice into the water. Then grab some Truvia {or like it} and add as much or as little to your water. Stir and top with ice!


You can get as creative as you want with water and with whatever flavors you like. Try adding spearmint, ginger, rosemary etc! Eventually you’ll find that perfect taste you’ll love and you’ll be keeping yourself hydrated!!