Keep Fit During The Holidays

There is something I dread every year and it’s the spread of holiday food that will greet my eyes and tempt my taste buds. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about. And as soon as we give in to temptation what do we do? We watch our waistline expand and we feel remorse and regret.

This year I have been steadily working hard at losing weight and getting fit. I’ve lost quite a bit but not quite yet am I at my goal. So what is one thing that will help me stay fit for the holidays as well as what has helped me this year in losing the inches?


Resistance Bands. And of course teaming up and learning from my a friend in fitness to create the body of an icon.

My journey to weight loss begun slowly with increasing water. Decreasing sodium and sugars. Then stepping up my cardio while decreasing fat and calorie intake. I then decided it was time to step up my weight loss. I begun juicing lightly, eating cleaner, increasing workouts and adding in strength training with my resistance bands. Taking those steps, in three weeks I was able to lose close to two pants sizes. And no I am no exaggerating. I bought a cute pair of jeans on the 3rd, 25 days later I had to return them and get a new pair that was smaller.

Losing weight and staying fit does not have to be something that is hard, rough or impossible. It is possible. I still “cheat” and slack. Do not punish yourself for slipping up. As with life, just try harder next time!

The resistance bands comes with a poster (which I promptly hung up in my workout area) and a DVD also. The quick adjust on these bands allow for you to progress and tighten the resistance so that your body never becomes accustomed to the workouts. On top of that a quick online search will show you various different routines that you can do, to workout various parts of your body. So you don’t have to leave home and go to a gym. Trust me, I wasn’t about to do that! So it’s convenient, affordable and once again – good for you!

The resistance bands are sold only in stores and retail out at 29.99 (ESRV).  And I do believe you can buy them at also.



  1. I stuggle with injuries.

  2. It’s so hard to get motivated and to stay motavated.
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  6. For me, it’s hard to stay motivated to work out. However, I’ve just quit the gym (blasphemy I know!) And I’m now doing MORE of what I love, cleaning at the barn and riding. These things are very very physical and it’s so hard to come home, shower, go to the gym and shower again. So instead I just spend another hour at the barn doing things I like. An extra lap around the arena sans stirrups anyone? Setting a land speed record for cleaning stalls? I break a sweat no matter what and for that muscle toning? Heaving 100lb hay bales works. However, all of this gets put on hold when I get sick *sniff, snuffle, cough*

    P.S. I already follow you on Twitter. I should get credit for that. I knew you were amazing before everyone else did. 😛

  7. Sue Ellison says:

    I struggle with staying motivated as well as finding time to exercise.

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    I struggle with staying consistent.

  15. Linda Kish says:

    Working through the chronic pain I have.

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  18. Energy to finsih.

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  24. Finding the time to workout… Thanks!!!

  25. Douglas Houston says:

    Motivation, I go like crazy for a couple months and then slack off for a couple months, I guess that makes me a binge exerciser.

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    I struggle with over eating during the holidays! Happy holidays! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
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  33. Renee Lodolce says:

    It’s hard to stay on track- I do great for a while and then the chocolate calls to me!!

  34. Sue Ellison says:
  35. To get out of my comfort zone and do new workout routines

  36. I struggle with a busy schedule.

  37. Finding motivation to do at least 30 minutes everyday.

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  40. susan varney says:

    i struggle with eating right after exercising

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  42. I struggle with motivation to find the time to do that necessary activity called exercise!

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  46. to get motivated

  47. My struggle is the temptation of eating junk food!


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    For me my biggest struggle is getting outside and doing things. I have always been a home body and I dont go out much

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  53. Sue Ellison says:
  54. I struggle with motivation

  55. It’s sometimes a struggle to get the motivation to workout!

  56. Sue Ellison says:
  57. I struggle with findin the time!

  58. I try to fit in bits of exercise everywhere I go – while brushing my teeth, while walking from the car to work, taking the stairs, etc. However, I never take the time to do an actual workout and that just gets worse when busy times take even more time from me.

  59. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    JUST Finding the time to get exercise done
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    My biggest struggle is finding the time to exercise

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  66. nicky flowers says:

    I just can’t stay motivated 🙁

  67. I struggle controlling my sweettooth. I really like cookies, candy etc. and stopping at one is rather difficult.

  68. I’m struggling with finding the time to workout

  69. Sue Ellison says:
  70. I struggle with staying motivated

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  72. I have some arthritis, so it is a fine line for me with over-doing,or too much impact.

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  76. I struggle with motivation and time

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    Thanks for the great contest!

  80. I struggle with just getting up and moving every day (I have become a couch potato). Thank you

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    I struggle with eating sweets, and making myself exercise.

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    My struggle is cooking healthy foods because after work I just want to eat some fast and quick

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  89. Personally, I struggle with cookies. I also struggle with bread.

  90. Having no free time.

  91. I struggle with the motivation