How To Find Homeschool Resources On Pinterest

How To Find Homeschool Resources On Pinterest

How To Find Homeschool Resources On Pinterest

In my previous post I mentioned just how useful Pinterest has been for all things Homeschool related. I also know that I can seem overwhelming to dig through all those pins.

Well let me show you how I easily find homeschooling resources on pinterest:

pin homeschool

First off if you want to get overwhelmed easily then just search homeschool. There are millions (okay maybe not that many) pins out there that you will drown in.

  1. Decide (make a list if you need) what you are wanting. For instance if you are looking for Homeschool Crafts (click that link to be taken to search) then that is what you will type in.

Seems easy enough right? Yes but I also have a trick!

  1. Don’t limit your searches to just homeschool. Try out: education, learning, school ideas etc.

  2. Be specific. If you are looking for 4th Grade Math, use that as your search.

  3. Take note of the website that the resource is coming from. Save it or browse it at that moment. You will find MORE resources there.

  4. Finally, remember that teachers are a wealth of resources for the most obvious: learning. Their boards aren’t always geared towards homeschool, but they do have tons of neat ideas, printables and more.


Remember you don’t have to follow every board from each pinner. You can only follow their homeschool board if you wish!