Look and Feel Sexy

We are going to stop just a second with the makeup, the fashion, the food and the life stuff and talk about ourselves. Our inner and outer beings. And we are going to be 100% brutally honest for a moment. Most of us all adults, some parents, some not. All of us are women. And no matter what any of us may say out loud we are emotional beings. We easily get frustrated, hurt feelings and pangs of low self esteem. We look at ourselves in the harshest light and critique ourselves worse then anyone else.

Recently I have lost a little over twenty pounds. In the short term it’s great. In my end goal weight I still have a journey ahead. I have been looking over myself in a mirror picking myself apart and all my flaws. I should be celebrating my weight loss. I should be loving my body and my achievements. Instead I am screaming in my head to work harder, lose more and just plain ripping myself to shreds.

So then I got an idea. I need to celebrate myself. I need to love myself. I need to be proud of what I’ve accomplished. One of the ways, well one of the many ways I have discovered how to do this is not only looking sexy but feeling sexy. And it doesn’t matter what I weigh. It doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the outside. It’s the inside. And then allowing the inside to reflect to the outside.

How do you do this? Well head your beautiful butt on over to an adult store and let’s start shopping for what makes us sexy and then put it into action.

What are we shopping for? Oh ladies, let me just show you!

sexy bra

Fetish PVC Bra

It’s sexy. It’s flirty. It’s super friggin’ cute!!!

ruffle panty

Garter Ruffle Panty

I don’t care what you say, ruffle panty + garter = sexy! And they will make you feel sexy too!

retro lingerie

Retro Bra & Panty Set

Gosh darn it, everyone should try this on and feel pinup-esque! That my friends is sexy!

boned corset

Fully Boned Lace & Satin Corset


lace corset

Stretch Lace Corset

Corset’s can make everything sexy!

OK, so we’ve done our shopping right?! Now head to your bedroom or bathroom. Turn on your best going out, empowered, having fun, super dancy song. Blast it. Put on your best hairstyle and your best makeup. Do not skimp. Go over the top. Light some candles even. Whatever you want to do.

Then head to the mirror with your hot new digs on. With your hot hairstyle and amazing makeup. Dance to the music. Point out to yourself how amazing you are. Boost your ego and remind yourself that no matter what you are beautiful, you are sexy and you are worth it!

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“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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