Fear And Loathing In Texas

What am I fearing and loathing you ask?


I am excited, don’t get me wrong. I love the prospect of moving out of this crappy country home, into a new house, where I can organize. Even the word organize excites me, thrills me, makes me want to move now.

But the simple thought of the actual move, makes me die a little (read: a whole freakin’ lot) inside.

See there goes a part of Brittany. Wave goodbye.

Seriously though. In the past 10 – 11, 1.1 million years, I have moved 12 times. Yes 12 times in that short of a period. In my lifetime…well I lost count. I could, possibly, start a blog based around nothing but moving. The do’s and do nots.

I fear the things that will come with a move. Getting back into a routine, getting the kids happily settled into a new school etc. It makes my stomach ache. I start sweating. I start frantically looking for caffeine. As if I don’t already drink enough.

I loathe the drive to the place. You drive a million and a half miles to your brand new shiny house. When you get there you want nothing more than to take a hot shower, eat a home cooked meal, lay in your own bed and put your kids in their own beds. You want to lounge around your house admiring the beauty of the newness, explore the new places to store and organize things.

But you know what happens?

Do you?

You CAN’T! NO! Because your whole entire house, including your wonderful smelling shampoo is packed in a giant box on wheels. You have to unload, wash, unpack, store, organize and clean everything. EVERYTHING. On the fifth box you start thinking of how nice a pillow the cardboard might actually make. You call the pizza guy and start making best friends with him because he’ll be visiting you for the next 3 weeks until you finally unpack every box that belongs in your kitchen. Your kids get used to sleeping on the ‘really nice soft floor’ and wonder to themselves if they will ever get to sleep in a bed again. You start to wonder if you could just live in the U-Haul truck. The couches are set up nicely in there. Two weeks later, when Pizza Guy comes back over to deliver ‘the usual’ he stands 20 feet back, because you have yet to find that one bottle of shampoo, that is more than likely in the very last box you will unpack.

This my friends, is why I fear and loathe moving.

But it’s gotta be done.

Pardon my language, but FUCK.


  1. When are you moving? We are trying to sell our house right now, so moving is on the horizon. I hadn’t thought too much about the headache of actually moving over to the next home… but you’re right, if I start thinking about all those boxes and everything being a chaodic mess… it definantly makes my stomache turn!

  2. I can’t imagine moving that often. I HATE moving. My brother in law is military and he and his family have adapted to moving it’s like second nature to them. I just never can see how they do it with such ease. I guess you get used to anything when you have no other choice.

  3. Karie of CKGSS says:

    Let us know how Waco is Britt. Send me your new info when you get it. Love your sis.

  4. i love the first few days in a new house. there is something about them!! and then reality…like unpacking copious amounts of boxes…and finding new homes for their inhabitants!!
    good luck honey!!

  5. *~Brandi~* says:

    I’m moving to Britt I got fired from my very crappy very horrible very can’t even beleive I worked there so long job. I am having major major anxiety attacks I have no idea what I am doing I can’t stop throwing up but it will be ok. So I can’t even imagine feeling like this and having to help my poor kids adjust I really feel for you. Where you moving to? I wish you the best of luck and I love ya B

  6. blueviolet says:

    I feel your pain. Believe me. I’ve moved 15 times myself. I sooooo feel your pain.

  7. *~Brandi~* says:

    Hey Britt yeah I still have the same cell phone number so text me. Then ill let ya know where I am moving. Take Care Chick I so feel your pain muah 🙂

  8. Christine says:

    We plan to move in two years and I am already starting to pack up some things and store tham at my husband’s office. I love the Waco area though…we travel through all the time as I take Regan back and forth to DRs’ apts in Dallas. We also have great friends in the Lott area. Good Luck!

  9. ~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ says:

    I just moved this week. It was the second time in 6months. I don’t have kids though, so for us it was easy. we were in our new house and out of the old one in a week. But we only moved 15 miles down the road. From a leased house to a house actually on the ranch! Yay! I’m closer to chores and my ponies and the cows. We packed up room by room, marking all the U-Haul boxes. It went pretty smooth. You’ll do okay!