Favorite Lord Of The Rings Character

Brent made is which means my time is always limited online as I feel like a hurricane or the likes has blown through. My house is chaotic. Dirty. Kids hyped up. Brent hyped up. Then of course my body has impeccable timing. I come down with a toothache which is good now.   Either way one of Brent’s favorite things to do with the kids while he is home is do movie night. He rents, buys or whatever a movie; him and the kids crash on the living room floor and lounge. They decided last weekend was movie weekend and they chose Lord Of The Rings. All three of them.

They haven’t stopped talking about the movie since they watched it. They even have their favorite Lord Of The Rings character. And since they are dying to tell people and I you all are dying to know, without further ado — the kids’ favorite characters. It’s odd. Trust me.

Brodie Loooooooves:

Go figure right? I think it’s because he played in Pirates and we all know this family has an obsession with Pirates.

Dayton Loooooves:

How can you not be a fan of Gandalf? This one was a no brainer that he would like him.

And last but not least the very odd choice of Tristan. I wonder what this  says about her?

No I  not kidding. She loves when he says “My preciousssssss”. Weird kid.


  1. LOVE these movies! I remember saying ehh I could care less until I saw the first one, then I had to get 2 and 3 that same night!

  2. Tabathia B says:

    OMG! I love the trilogy also, but the first two are my absolutely favs. I hated to see it end. Rare for a movie trilogy to be so good. My favorite character is the aragorn

    • rikki k says:

      i agree with u i wish it ever stoped it was really good i loved everything except the spider

  3. rikki k says:

    i loved these movies cant wait for the last one to come sometime!my favorite character is leagulas i think hes cute funny serious at times specially at war in lord of the rings and gimli funny too aragon is good looking man strong with a sword i love the sword and leagulas is really good with the bow and gimli is pretty awesome with the blade thts funny when he hit ring!

  4. Aarti Meena says:

    orlando bloom play a lovley role


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