Fashionable Vacations

It’s funny how the world seems to work in very mysterious ways. You see I am the unfashionable. I think I can spot the trends, I see the beauty in the fashion and I do revel in it, but pulling it off on myself is a bit tricky.

Now with my academics and pursuit of my career my world is solely focused on beauty which most do not realize is part of a bigger picture. Fashion. Beauty. Style. Art. Music. It’s all a very creative and intertwined world that unless you are a part of it, you don’t fully understand it.

My love of the beauty industry is not only a hobby but it’s one of those minor things in life you don’t always fully grasp until you actually bring it out to play. It’s the changing the hair color with the seasons, the putting makeup on at 10 o’clock at night because it’s comparable to reading a book. It’s walking down the cosmetics aisle and having to hold back from purchasing EVERY SINGLE color. It’s the unique and common hairstyles you want to pull off every single day and adoring those with the edgier versions.

Beauty. Fashion. Style. All of it. It’s not about the size or outward appearance of something minor like turquoise hair. It’s the individuality that is easily accomplished. The pampering of yourself and reminding yourself just how beautiful you are.

I digress though. My ultimate goal was to talk about 5 Fashionable Vacation spots I just HAVE to take. Not to experience the boozing and more wilder side of these places. No. It’s to covet the beauty and fashion industry in these places. I mean when you think of going on Las Vegas holidays you are probably thinking of gambling. I’m thinking no. So here we go, 5 Fashionable Vacations I’d love to take.

fashion show

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Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall.

la fashion district

Los Angeles Fashion District


New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Paris. Of course for Fashion Week there too.

milan italy

Milan. Yep you got it. Fashion Week.

What are some destinations you want to go to that are fashionable?