Family Holiday Fun (Guest Post)

Terri O from Super Simple Living provided this amazing article for you to check out for some great family fun!

When it comes to a super simple 4th the first thing to think about is what to wear! You have to be festive and fun, while you show off your patriotic colors!

Pick up an inexpensive t-shirt at the discount store. Grab some cardboard or heavy paper and cut out a few stars and lay them on your shirt. Fill a couple of containers with an acrylic paint mixture and spray away! The results are amazing and you will be THE patriotic fashionista! (click here for instructions to make this adorable tee along with a video to create the bleached tee)

For your table grab a few terra cotta pots and paint them red, white and blue. Make each one different. Place a citronella candle in each one and set them in the center of your table. They are festive and keep the bugs away.

To carry all of your wine, tableware and whatever else you need to take to the party save a cardboard wine carrier from the wine store, paint it, embellish it and use it as a carryall to your July 4th event.


Terri O is a home arts expert and creator of Super Simple Living.

As a wife, mother and creative soul she is always looking for super simple tips, ideas and projects to share so anyone can make life easier with a little creative thinking. To learn more about Terri O and instructions on how to complete some of her July 4th projects and more visit


  1. Oh cool idea! I actually have painted terra cotta pots to match my bathroom and put African Violets in them. Then i got a long, rectangular “tray”, painted it to match, and put decorative rocks in it, then put my pots on top. It looks pretty and it drains my violets well.

    Ok, that was my craft tut for the day. LOL Sorry.