Fall Craft

A super fun festive fall craft you can do with your kids.

I haven’t brought y’all any of my tips and tricks lately. This particular one can be done by yourself or with the kids. Since it’s fall also – perfect timing.

Head outside. Take the kids or do it yourself. (Like I said either or!)

I can guarantee your yard (or most) are filled with leaves EVERYWHERE. The fun part is sending your kids, but if you just need a break and some fresh air — find the perfect leaf. One of those beautifully colored gigantic ones. Just a note too — you don’t want to get one that is crumpling and falling to pieces. Freshly fallen ones are the best.

Take the leaf inside and press it. Either in a heavy book or under something heavy. Leave it there for a couple days. During those couple days that it’s pressing, go on the hunt for a frame!!!

I have found some of the greatest frames at thrift stores. I prefer the old ones that have character. Plus — super cheap!!!!

Once you found that frame, place the leaf and voila…easy, cheap (and could be fun with kids!) decoration for fall or a cute gift idea for someone!

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