Fall 2011 Makeup Trends

Here very shortly we will be blasting into the beautiful season of fall. Which means amazing fashion, fabulous hair colors and new makeup palettes to try out. We covered what to wear this fall season when it comes to fashion and I will update soon on fabulous fall hair trends, but let’s talk about our makeup.

With every season certain trends and looks are more popular and best to wear. Fall is no different and I am assuming you are wondering just what looks will be best? Well here you go:

Smokey Eyes are still and seems to always be in. They aren’t going anywhere and will fall you can now go with the dark colors again.

Ditch the gloss and shine and pull out the timeless classic of matte lipstick.

The bold and bright blushes are needing to be stored. Go with natural tones and soft flushed cheeks. Play up the eyes and lips more.

It seems as if we are truly stepping back in time, we are going with timeless, elegant and pulling that vintage look out and making it modern.It’s going to be about eyes and lips and less about shine and bright colors.

So what colors are we wanting to keep around? Well easy:


We are shooting for reds and all shades of rich deep red. But remember we are wanting matte. No shine. No gloss. Simple Elegance.

Check out Estee Lauder Stay Scarlet Lipstick


You are going to want to go with dark but not over the top dark. Grays, Auburn, Navy Eye Liner and touches of dark shimmers in there.

Check out Sephora’s Smokey Eye’s Palette or Tarte Tarte For True Blood.


Ditch the bright pinks and deep reds. And please throw out the bronzer. Coral is making a splash.

Check out E.L.F Mineral Blush in Coral


Read this post about Timeless Elegance to get a better understanding about the look that is going to be in this fall!