Fall 2011 Hair Color Ideas

I thought this morning that I’ve covered kind of the basics with fall hair trends, color and accessories but I wanted to show you three pictures of the hair colors that might give you a better idea of what to change to for fall. I personally go dark in the fall/winter and go lighter in the spring/summer. But everyone is different and I go in next week for my update and just might surprise myself with a drastic change.

Either way here are three fall hair color ideas to get you thinking about your own personal change.

red hair


Go rich with your reds. I personally love this color of red.

blonde hair

If you go blonde skip the honey and violet hues. This is more of a gray hue behind the platinum but I think it’s gorgeous for fall and winter.

brunette hair


Brunettes are going to be rich in color. Think espresso, mocha…it’s not too warm that it’s going to wash you out, but its not light and boring either.

What color direction are you going with this fall?


  1. I love the red. I used to go red for fall but right now I’m just thinking about staying blonde. The family & friends polls say “stay blonde”