Fairy Pocket Mini USB

So as we now I am an adult. A woman. And my husband isn’t always home. You get where this is leading to right?! Good.

MyPleasure a leading online retailer of sex toys sent me a little novelty item to “play” around with and let you know what I think. First I know exactly your first thought, “Oh please dear lord don’t let her tell us about her orgasm in detail” and while I can be a pretty tacky person – I’m going to just let you sit there and wonder what the details are. Have fun with that.

I digress.

MyPleasure sent me the Fairy Pocket Mini USB.



About the Fairy Pocket Mini:

Everyone loves the original Fairy Mini Wand for its compact size and super power. But if you need something even smaller, but still want the power, go with the Fairy Pocket Mini.
At a mere 2.4 ounces with a overall size of 5 ¾” x 1″, this vibe puts the “rocket” in “pocket rocket” and will definitely get the job done, on the road, in the office … wherever and whenever you need it! And it charges right from your computer via USB!

  • High-quality, dual-speed, Japanese motor (11,000 rpm) is very powerful (even on low) and super quiet
  • Rechargeable … 90 minutes of charging gives you up to 70 minutes of use; be sure to fully charge before first use for maximum pleasure
  • Put a “rocket in your pocket” and take the fun on the road cause the Fairy Pocket Mini is great for traveling
  • Lithium ion battery technology with overcharge protection and charge light indicator
  • Handy wrist strap and USB charging cord included (can only be charged via USB.

Great for People Who:

Want a small vibrator that still has super power for partner or solo play
Are Techno-geeks who love that they can charge their vibrator from their computer
Love the Fairy Mini Wand and want something similar for travel or that’s even more discreet


Super fantastic that you can charge it via USB. We can ALL admit (even if it’s in your head) batteries can be an issue. And not a fun one. Truly could spoil a good moment and all.

The compact size of it is another plus. Makes not only for easy to carry with you which I honestly didn’t I’m just taking note of the idea BUT also…much easier to hide from snoopy kids.

These particular vibrator is not for the penetration pleasure. It’s best using on the outlying fun region.

Can double for massages and not on your happy place. If you just don’t “feel like it” but want to relax…give yourself a massage!

It’s lightweight but packs a good punch. *wink wink*




Disclosure: http://cmp.ly/2/lzvqhi