Facial Profiles and Hairstyles

There are a variety of factors that will and should influence your decisions when it comes to your next haircut and style. Whether it be your face shape, lifestyle, clothing style and what I am about to talk about now – facial profile.

It may seem like a lot of information that you will walk into a salon loaded with, but a hairstylist will be able to take the cues from these things and give you the perfect cut. Much like any type of art, you take elements and create one design. In this case your design. Your hair.

Now let’s talk facial profile. Your profile is the the outline of your face from the side. It is important that your hairstyle complements your profile from the side and front view. There are three different profiles: Straight. Convex. Concave.

Which one are you and what type of style should you consider?

Straight Profile:

Straight profile has a very slight outward curve from the front hairline to the tip of the nose. And from the tip of the nose to the chin. The straight profile is considered best and can be left exposed by ANY hairstyle.


Convex Profile:

Convex profile has a strong (exaggerated) outward curve resulting from either a protruding nose or sloping forehead or chin. Adding volume to the fringe (bang) area and the forehead will visually shorten the length of the nose. And to balance (cause it’s all about balance) the sloping chin; keep hair tighter in the neck so the chin isn’t small in comparison to the volume of the hair.


Concave Profile:

Concave profile has an inward curve resulting from a dominant, protruding forehead and chin or a small nose. Think Jay Leno. The hairstyle that will help with balance, is build fullness in the neck are and do not go with short lengths or a style that causes the chin to stand out more. If a large forehead is dominant, add some fringe (bangs) but avoid volume in them.


I will have more information about what hairstyles to consider when it comes to your lifestyle and clothing style! So stay tuned!